This week I am in Montreal, Canada visiting friends and family and we just wrapped up watching Formula 1 Grand Prix car races over the weekend. I love Montreal this time of year, especially during the Grand Prix week. The streets are vibrant with locals and tourists enjoying all the activities the city has to offer.

The hotels are packed and some of the top restaurants boasting a 2 or 3 day waiting list. Even the underground public transportation feels more alive with signs and announcements pointing tourist to the right metro line to get to the races each day.

Despite all the fun this weekend, one of the most memorable lessons I witnessed was from a couple at the grocery store.

While waiting to pay for my groceries, I couldn’t help but notice how the lineup behind me was building up. We were all delayed because of the couple standing in front of me. From their conversation I gathered that they were from out of town and were upset about the price of one of their items. Apparently the yogurt they picked was showing a price of $4.99 at the fridge, but when the cashier scanned it, it was showing $5.23 instead.

They sent the cashier twice to the back of the store to check the prices and she came back with the news that not all yogurts are on sale; only the strawberry flavored one, so they decided to switch flavors and get the cheaper one instead.

However when the cashier scanned the strawberry flavored yogurt, the price was still showing $5.23. At that point they started to get loud and upset and demanded to speak to the manager.

Seeing the line behind me get longer and longer, I offered to pay the 25 cent difference. At that point the situation took a bad turn as the woman turned angrily towards me and told me that I am rude and condescending.

I told her she was entitled to her opinion, but that she was wasting her time, my time and everyone else’s time in that lineup all for 25 cents. I thought she wanted her 25 cents so I offered it to her, but that’s not what she was after. She wanted to prove that she was right and the store was wrong.

I ended up taking my items and lining up at another cashier stand. After about 5 minutes wait I was able to pay for my items and leave and as I was leaving, I could still hear the woman arguing with the other cashier and saying, “well I am not going anywhere, I have all day”. She was still waiting for validation from the store that she was right and the store is wrong and her partner was standing there with her in support of this waste of time.

This entire situation reminded me of many I encounter in the industry who are always looking for a deal. They won’t buy an item unless it is on sale and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and extra bonuses. They will use up the bonuses and just before the 30 days are over they will return the item for a full refund while holding on to the free bonuses that were offered as part of the sale.

Instead of focusing on activities that generate thousands of dollars in sales and profits, they waste their time getting a thrill from cheap bonuses and discounts that get them nowhere.

Are you still chasing free ebooks, free events, free downloads and free bonuses or are you taking action to make your online income dreams a reality even if it means you have to pay for someone to show you how?

Results speak louder than words. If you still don’t have the results you want, then chances are you are focusing on the wrong activities.

5 Key Elements To Online Business Success

No matter what products or services you are offering online, you will need the following 5 elements to get faster results.

  1. Traffic: Without traffic you won’t have any sales
  2. Funnel: An online marketing and sales process that leads your prospects from one step to the next
  3. Filter: A process that allows you to filter options and guide your followers to solutions that are relevant to them
  4. Follow-up: A follow up process that allows you to stay in touch with your followers, leads and buyers
  5. Tier Product Mix: A progressive line of products and services at various price points to address the various stages of your client’s needs

There are no short cuts and no easy buttons. You need to set up processes and follow through on a consistent basis, unless you take advantage of processes and done for you services that are already setup by someone else.

No amount of free ebooks, free training material, free bonuses and prizes will get you there faster. On the contrary, they might be wasting your time.

What are you focusing your time on? Chasing pennies or taking action that brings results?