Surely you don’t need to be sold on the merits of shopping online. You name it, you can find it…and it will arrive straight to your door.

With so many easy online tools and resources, you can practically setup a website and open an online store in a matter of hours. But for many, it always comes down to the question of “what should I sell?” and “how do I get people to my store?”

“How will they find me if I am on page 987,693 of Google?”

The answer is simple.


Deliver something no one else is doing or offering.

Just take a look at Mathew Carpenter, the man behind


Over the Christmas Holidays, Mathew set up a website that delivered one product only. For $9.99 Carpenter promised to send “the herpes of the craft world” to any address on the planet, in such a large quantity that the receiver will be finding the stuff for weeks. “We’ll also include a note telling the person exactly why they’re receiving this terrible gift. Hint: the glitter will be mixed in with the note thus increasing maximum spillage.”

The idea is that you order this special package and send it to people you hate.

The service has become so popular that the site temporarily shut down due to the fact that “thousands” of orders saw Carpenter run out of glitter supplies. He is now offering the site for sale and begging “Please stop buying this horrible glitter product — I’m sick of dealing with it.”

From a business perspective, this is a great success story. Too bad Carpenter hates glitter and now wants to sell the company.

It certainly is a lucrative business. The profit margins are huge. When you deduct shipping, that leaves $5.99 to $7.99 profit on each order.

Moral of the story…

  1. Deliver something new or with a unique twist
  2. Pick something you love, or you might just get buried with it