If you run an online business sooner or later you will need some images to enhance your website, landing pages, blogs and other marketing material.

Websites offering paid and free images are on the rise, but very few allow the use of free images for commercial purposes. In most cases you have to pay or give the photographer some form of attribution by mentioning them or linking to their site and albums.

The last thing you need for business is to distract your audience with new links and risk of losing their attention.

Now if you run a free blog as a hobby and want to give credit to a photographer that is totally fine and highly encouraged. After all photography is a form of art and we need to recognize those artists.

But if you are using the image in an ad, landing page or on your website or social media header, then taking the attention from the main message and pointing it to a photographer is not a good idea.

One of the great sources of free images are those that fall under the “Public Domain” category.

Matt, a graphic and web designer from Athens Georgia realized the value of Public Domain Images for his projects but had a hard time finding them in one location.

“The problem is, there’s no one place to go and find tons of high quality public domain images”, says Matt.  “The sites that do have good images are hard to find and I always forget the domain name of these public domain resources. So, I set out to change that! I created PublicDomainArchive.com as a repository where I will be archiving the high quality public domain images that I find across the web. A hub for all high quality public domain images. I also wanted to create a website with a minimalist design that keeps the focus on the images.”

Public Domain Images

Matt with his wife, Shayna and two kids, Linden and Lyric.

PublicDomainArchive.com is  not a stock photography website like Shutterstock, istock or fotolia. It is a public domain image repository. So don't expect top quality commercial grade images but there are still a large selection that can get you started if you are on a budge or have a high volume blog that requires constant supply of images.

If you click at the premium tab you fill find an option to download all the images for $10/month and get notification for future image uploads. As a premium member you won't get to see the ads, only the images you came to the site for.

This is a great example of creating multiple sources of income that most service providers miss. Matt obviously has his design business but having an extra source of income from PublicDomainArchive.com will help cover some of the site operational costs and might eventually bring in profits through paid advertising on the site. It is also a great traffic generation means when clients come to the site and might eventually engage Matt for some design work.

This case study covers three of the four basic online income models that I always stress to my students and clients:

  1. Selling Your Services: There are many services that can be delivered online, in this case Matt is a graphic and web designer
  2. Selling Your Products: Either a physical or digital product. In this case it is a digital product which is much easier to scale and mange
  3. Affiliate Marketing: Getting paid by promoting other people's products and services. In this case the site has ads and affiliate links to other related site
  4. Licensing Model: Promoting and selling other people's products and services as if they were your own is still missing at first glance, but it could be that Matt has some other offers on the back end that he offers his clients and followers, like web hosting and other related services

When you focus on providing value and helping others there is always room to make money online.

Focus on sharing your value first and the money will come!

To your success!