Happy Labor Day!

I came across this cartoon on LinkedIn a few days ago and had to save it and share it. Truly, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Best Employee

There are many entrepreneurs and business owners that don’t recognize their best assets. Treating employees, contractors and vendors like crap is really the same as firing if not worst. Angry and resentful staff on the inside can cause more damage than those on the outside, which in turn has an affect on the overall customer experience and company brand.

I am sharing this as I am meeting many more entrepreneurs now on my new business journey and see so many of them making that mistake. They think that just because they are paying someone money to do the work for them they can treat them like crap, order them around and expect them to be present 24/7.

There is also now a competition on who can find lower cost contractors on outsourcing sites rather than looking for long-term quality staff and contractors. I even caught myself falling for this fallacy.

LoserThey put entrepreneurs and business owners on a pedestal and look down on employees.

I heard Robert Kiyosaki call employees once at a live event “losers” as he gestured with his hand to form the letter “L” over his forehead. I guess he is forgetting that without employees, he will not have any business, and that there are many employees who prefer to invest their money in other assets rather than build businesses. In fact there are some employees who have a higher net worth than their employers.

It’s true, having an entrepreneurial mindset is important, but it does not mean you have to be an entrepreneur and have a business.

Whether you are hiring full-time staff or contractors, make sure to reward them for successful projects not only complain when they miss the mark on some.

There should also be a steady review process and an increase in pay at set increments and an incentive program to keep them motivated. After all they are building your dream. Don’t you want to make sure that you have a team that respects you and has your back?

On this Labor Day, think of ways to reward your staff, contractors and vendors and how you will incentivize them to help you build your dream and help you make decisions that are in your best interest.

P.S.: Just as I was writing this blog post the following email came from The GKIC Team, a company affiliated with Dan Kennedy that teaches entrepreneurs how to get their ideal customers. What a great way to recognize their staff and use the email as a way to connect with their followers.

Labor Day Emaill from The GKIC Team