Out of all the words in the dictionary to describe industriousness, speed of action, innovation and entrepreneurship… the word “hustle” has dominated the spotlight in recent years.

No matter who you follow on social media, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, or some of the new budding entrepreneurs and loud personalities, the hashtag “#hustle” makes its appearance.

Despite it's negative connotations of con artistry, deception and unethical activities, many pride themselves by describing what they do as “hustle.”

Isn't entrepreneurship about doing what you love? If you truly love what you do, why would you have to hustle?

Unless you are a con artist and love to hurriedly pressure and force people to buy things they don't need while you beg, push, shove, cheat, scheme and deceive, maybe it’s time to find a new word to describe what you do.

I prefer to see myself as a solution provider, someone who has “fun” doing what I love while I provide value and help people get faster results. I am a matchmaker. I match people to solutions they need and are looking for, not force them with illicit and aggressive means to buy what they don't need.

How about this variation of a quote by Confucius:

“Provide value by doing what you love and you will never have to hustle a day in your life!”