Are you addicted to “The Hustle?”

In an age that glorifies the “Hustle”, it's hard to come across advice that recommends you take it easy and take time off for a change.

That is why it was refreshing to watch this episode of Marie TV by Marie Forleo.

After visiting a local neighborhood bakery to get a croissant, Marie was surprised to see a note on the door that said “Closed due to vacation.”  Most stores don't even close on Sunday's or major holidays these days, never mind take a random vacation. That's when Marie decided to test this strategy with her team and shut down her business for two weeks during the Christmas holidays.

The team cam back from vacation refreshed, rejuvenated, and loaded with new ideas to take her business to the next level so she decided to do the same the following year.

I have found the same results in my business. When I take at least one day off a week and a few days off in clusters with no deadlines or online connections, I come back with fresh ideas and strategies that result in more sales!

Have you taken any time off lately?

Your business can really use some fresh ideas to get to the next level. They might just come from taking some time off where you shut off the noises of the world and tune in to your soul.

Now before you start panicking as if your business will shut down permanently if you do that, just know that this vacation idea is flexible. It can be two weeks – if you can – or three days, or two days, or even just 24 hours.

You might be proud of your work ethics because you can work like a machine and that you have been working since you were a teenager, but remember even machines need maintenance downtime or else they break down.

Nonstop work and “hustle” can burn you and your team out.

You might be pressured to stay constantly connected to the world especially if you’re running a digital business. You want to keep up with the latest trends and opportunities, but how can you determine what the right trends and opportunities are if your judgment is already foggy from overwork?

Would you rather voluntarily take a break to get refreshed and reinvigorated physically and mentally and get new ideas for your business or be forced to take a break due to sickness, business closure, or other scary scenarios caused by constant work?

Put the “Hustle” aside for a few days and take time to rejuvenate and get inspired.