How to make the most out of twitter by optimizing your tweets…

Twitter takes a bit of time to get used to specially if you like to write proper sentences with correct grammar and spelling…

With 140 character limit to work with, you better know what to do with them and how get creative with your messaging. This will require a bit of testing and monitoring over time so you can see what your audience reacts to the most.

When used properly, twitter can be one of the most powerful free marketing platforms out there. Once you know how to optimize your tweets, you’ll reach a broader audience and enjoy deeper engagement. From there, you can develop a relationship with your most passionate fans and confidently build your brand.

With so many marketers bombarding your prospects with commercial tweets each day, you have to stand out to get noticed. Users will notice your conscientious tweeting, and they’ll follow you happily.

Blueprint For Success

Create a blueprint and have it handy. This will be the difference between snagging dozens of followers a day and completely losing the interest of your audience.

As you tweet over time, try to log what tweets get the most interaction and build a swipe file that can work as your long term blueprint of how you share your content.

For example, looking at my twitter account, I still see a lot of clicks on images. Text tweets do get shared more but the click rate is not the same as tweets with images. Of course I will have to monitor this over time to make sure my content stays relevant to my audience.

Frequency And Length

Here are the essentials: Don’t tweet more than 25 times per day, but tweet at least 5 times. This seems to be the optimal tweet frequency. Below 15, you’ll stay far under the radar, but send out more than 25 tweets and you’ll overstay your welcome.

If you do send up to 25 tweets per day, ensure that no more than 5 of them are self-promotional. This will force you to look more closely for quality content to share.

Couple these tweets with a relevant hashtag, and you’ll quickly find that you can snag new followers relatively easily. If you send too many self-promotional tweets, on the other hand, even your most die-hard fans will tune you out eventually.

Additionally, while Twitter gives you up to 140 characters to work with, tweets with 100 to 120 characters typically perform the best. This is likely to do with the fact that many marketers cram their messages with links and hashtags. Their tweets lack substance.

Try to put as much thought into every tweet as you would into your headlines. If you can do this on a consistent basis, you’ll stick out from the crowd. The best tweets contain a short, punchy message that makes the reader want to take some action.

I have also found that questions get noticed. Instead of stating the solution, as a question and link to a possible solution.

Link Management

Many marketers place links at the end of a tweet as an afterthought. Yet in most cases, the entire point of the tweet is to get a prospect to click the link. Your prospect isn’t unaware of this, so you might as well place the link in the middle of the tweet or even close to the beginning.

Recent research from social media expert Dan Zarrella suggests that most clicks occur when the link is placed at around the 25% mark. Twitter users are conditioned to click, so go ahead and give them the link first and the message second.

I have noticed this trend in my twitter account too. Shorter tweets with links close to the beginning get more clicks.


If you use a Twitter automation tool such as HootSuite or Buffer, it’s imperative that you go in and manually respond to @Mentions and @Replies. If you leave out this crucial step, your fans may feel snubbed.

I personally take the time several times a week to thank those that have chosen to follow me by sending a thank you tweet… something along the lines of “thank you for the follow and then reference their twitter name”. I also like it when others do the same.

One trend that I am not a fan of and have not used yet is to send a direct message with a link to an offer. I get that with so many followers and do find it to be a turn off.

If you are using direct messaging as a thank you and sending an offer right away AND seeing results, please comment below. Do your followers like this or ignore it. I personally ignore such messages… so if I follow you please don't send me your offers 🙂

Is it worth it?

While it takes time to build a following and master twitter, the long-term benefits are enormous. Once you have a large enough following to justify the extra expense, consider putting an employee on the task. I still monitor my twitter account but also have one of my assistants contribute by posting images, quotes and sharing articles and content that my followers will enjoy.

Twitter can be a great marketing channel, but it’s also a lot of work. Unless you have a high converting offer that translates to long term relationship with your clients and long term profits, it will not be worth it.

So before you spend a lot of time building your social media channels and sharing content like crazy, make sure you have a solution that you can provide and that solutions leads to highly converting sales funnel which offers your clients multiple solutions depending on the level of help and expertise they need.

Educate yourself on highly converting sales funnels and implement one as soon as possible. Otherwise your business will not stand a chance of long term survival.