What would you say if I told you that YOU ARE AN EXPERT?

How would you feel knowing that your story and your knowledge could touch and change someone’s life?

And what if you could get paid for sharing your story and your knowledge?

Well, that’s what Expert Secrets, The Underground Playbook for Finding Your Message, Building a Tribe, and Changing the World by Russell Brunson is all about.


Russel Brunson is one of the founding members of ClickFunnels, a company that specializes in digital marketing and marketing automation. In his new book Expert Secrets he shares a lot of the lessons learned from his journey and other business owners he has helped along the way.

One BIG thing stands out. Specialists always get paid more than generalists.

For example, a Neurosurgeon will make much more money than a general practitioner. Why? Because they spent many more years in school specializing in one area that very few people have mastered.

That even applies to something as simple as sports. You will find most celebrity athletes are experts in one type of sports, like hockey, football or basketball. The best artists specialize in either water colors, acrylic or oil paintings.

The more time they spend practicing and mastering that skill the more of an expert they become. When viewed as an expert, more people are willing to pay to watch, buy their work or even pay them for advice.

Your Passion and Your Message Matter


What about you?

Your specialty is what you are passionate about. Often, when you are passionate about something, you spend more time researching it. The more you find about it the more you know. That makes you the expert.

So, ask yourself, what subject matter do you find yourself researching the most. What is it that you love to do so much that you lose track of time?

As Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.

To know something, you need to experience it, not just read about it.

What subject do you spend most of your time on and what do most people come to you for advice on?

That is your passion and your area of expertise.


Even if your answer is something like “I love to play video games all day” or “I love to watch movies and analyze them”.

There are many YouTube celebrities who are making money online by simply playing video games live in front of a camera and showing others how it is done. And there are many other social media influencers making money by creating movie and TV show summaries and reviews, or simply sharing content on their favorite topic.

Yes, you can make money doing what you love.

But there is a catch…

Sharing Is Caring

If you are an expert at a topic but don’t share your knowledge and wisdom, no one will know you have tips to share.

To make money in your area of expertise you need to be willing to teach what you know to others. The world-best teachers are passionate about what they teach and know their subjects very well. You could become that teacher.

While there are expectations, in general people who create content make money, and people who consume content had to spend money.

So, if you want to be in the category of making money then you need to share content. You need to share what you know with the world.

Your Opportunity to Change the World… In A Good Way

Imagine the number of people who would benefit from the information you know. You only need a few followers and students to make money.

Take for example Russell Brunson's story…


Now imagine what your passion; your message can do for someone else. How would you feel knowing that by spreading your knowledge and expertise, you can help many people on the planet?

Expert Secrets Helps You Package Your ‘How To…’ Message for The Billions

You might have already used various social media platforms to share your expert advice but can’t figure out how to make money with your expertise.

That’s because to stand out and reach millions or even billions of people, you need to package your expertise into a product which you will learn more about in Expert Secrets. You’ll learn how to find your voice, create your product and share your passion through podcasts, YouTube videos, books or any other way.

Next you need to spread that message to the masses. The best way to spread messages is through stories.

You see, people connect through stories because stories address their emotions. They are not interested in the features and benefits.

Even in the presence of logic, your audience consult their emotions to make a buying decision. We only use logic to back up our emotional decision to buy. But the original decision to buy is based on emotions.

Earning From Your Expertise

Having packaged your product and found your story, the next thing is to find your tribe. Your tribe are people who resonated with your story and believe in you, your message and your products.

They pay you because they are able to identify with your story and can clearly see how your knowledge and expertise can help them too.

Because you took the time to position yourself as the expert by having your own training, products and/or solutions, they are willing to pay you even more.

That’s exactly what happened since I wrote my book Pajama Paydays How To Make The Internet Work For You and shared my story. Now I have more clients knocking on my door seeking my advice, tips and help setting up their business.

No matter how humble your passion seems in your own eye, it makes you an expert. It could be the one thing someone else is waiting for on the other side of the world.

Thanks to the Internet, you can reach that person and make their life easier. You can learn how to change the world with your message.

Specialize in what you are passionate about, share your knowledge and expertise and watch how you too can make money by sharing what you love.