How To Build An Online Business By Using The
“Earn While You Learn” Strategy

Hwayda Kater

Starting an online business can seem easier said than done. That’s because a lot of people believe that in order to have a successful online business they need to have their own products, goods and services.

Thanks to the internet and new business models like affiliate marketing, drop shipping, outsourcing, arbitrage, licensing and similar business models, you don’t.

If you have read any of my publications or took any of my training programs already then you know I am a big believer in having multiple streams of income.

But here’s the thing…

When you take a closer look at all online income streams you’ll encounter, you’ll find that eventually they all fall under four main categories:

  1. Selling Services: Make money as an employee, freelance contractor or services-based business. This includes any projects that require active participation on your part.
  2. Selling Products: Make money by selling products—either physical, digital or information products.
  3. Affiliate (or Referral) Marketing: Make money by promoting other people’s products and services and growing your business by allowing affiliates to promote your products and services.
  4. Licensing: Make money by licensing your intellectual property or purchasing a license so you can selling other people’s products and services as if they were your own.

And here’s another realization you’ll soon notice…

No matter which option you start with, you’ll soon find that one of the best ways to increase your income online is to focus your time on becoming an online marketing pro.

Because if you don’t know how to do any marketing, you’ll become a victim of a company with low or no sales. That’s why most businesses fail and shut down. Because they don’t know how to:

  • Get any clients
  • Get more clients
  • Get repeat clients

Marketing can also help you when looking for a job. You need to be able to articulate right away what problems you are going to solve for your employer. Because your employer is really your client. They are looking to pay someone to solve a problem for them.

How do you get that client to consider you instead of the hundreds or thousands of applicants that knock on their door?


Marketing can be a complex process for newbies because it’s not part of the core training programs in schools. Plus there are many components and labels that fall under the marketing category.

That’s why most newbies who attempt to build an online business have a hard time getting results right away. The learning process can take time. Plus most newbies have no idea what products and services to offer, which ones are more likely to sell online and which ones have a higher profit margin.

Is that how you feel right now?

If so, how would you like someone to show you how to market online using a format that can allow you to learn and create multiple streams of income online at the same time.

Would that make your life easier? I believe it can.

That’s why I LOVE the
Earn While You Learn format.

And that’s why when newbies who still have no products or services of their own ask me where to start, I always say, start with products that allow you to earn while you learn. Once you know how to generate leads and get customers to buy from you, you can move on and apply that knowledge to any industry, niche, services or products you like.

When you are new, its best to focus on one thing at a time. The best thing to focus on first, is improving your marketing skills.

Many businesses would even pay you to do their marketing for them if you have proven marketing skills.

You see, it doesn’t matter what type of business you decide to get into. Even if your aspiration is to become a fitness or life coach, have a Shopify or Amazon store, or create your own branded products, if you focus on mastering your marketing and sales skills first, you are more likely to succeed.

If you don’t want to do the marketing yourself, then learn the principles so you can hire or partner with the right people who can help you.

Before you go and start investing in product creation and inventory and spend months building an eCommerce store, take the time to work on your marketing skills first.

Always ask yourself, “what problems do you want to solve in the marketplace , why would people pick you to solve that problem for them, How are you going to spread that message so you can get more clients?”

What is the best Earn While You Learn program?

At this point you might be saying, OK, OK, I get it… but what is the best “Earn While You Learn” program out there?

The best program for you is the one you’ll enjoy and stick to.

Just like music or movies, tastes in training programs can vary. To find your best fit, watch samples of some of the training programs you are considering and see if the trainer and the format resonates with you.

Some trainers are perfect for newbies who like to learn slowly and go at a very slow pace. Some are more fast paced and better suited for fast action takers.

Another thing to consider is training formats. Some programs are delivered online. Some are delivered at live events, seminars and masterminds or private coaching. Some are a combination of all the above.

The question to you then is… what is your learning style?

In my case, I like trainers with high energy that speak fast and deliver massive value in a short time. I also like trainers that focus on my area of interest which is creating multiple streams of income in a format that gives me maximum freedom.

I like to have access to online resources at will and I like to attend some live events and masterminds once in a while.

Having a “Lifestyle Business Format” that focuses on business and marketing services is important to me and that’s why my favorite programs are related to business and marketing.

I have listed some of my current top picks below and will be updated this page as I review more products.

1. Digital Agency Builders

Digital Agency Builders is designed specifically for people like me who want to start or grow their marketing services business. You’ll learn high in demand skills that you can offer as services. If you don’t want to offer the services yourself, you’ll learn how to use outsourcing, arbitrage or join ventures and get paid even if you don’t do the work yourself.

You can also create multiple streams of income with referral marketing. Referral marketing allows you to create passive and residual income by:

  • Promoting other people’s products and services
  • Promoting tools and applications that you use to build your online business
  • Promoting training programs that you use and enjoy

Digital Agency Builders

Digital Agency Builders has four components:

1. Training

  • Step-by-step training on how to setup your Agency including strategies that you can use to start making money.
  • How to market and generate traffic for your website as well as creative hacks that business owners are looking for.
  • Master skills that can turn you from amateur into a professional marketer.

2. Community

  • Get support by joining a network of agency builders who can answer any questions you have along the way.
  • Stay accountable by sharing your journey and success stories.
  • Get inspired and motivated when others share their success so that you can see what’s truly possible.

3. Site Builder

  • Reserve your custom username, fill out a simple form, and within minutes you can have your own agency site!
  • Map your own custom domain name, add affiliate offers, and choose which done-for-you services to offer.
  • Connect your Stripe or Paypal and start earning money that gets paid directly into your bank account!

4. Affiliate Program

  • Earn up to 50% commissions by promoting Digital Agency Builders, the flagship product of LifePreneur.
  • Refer FREE members and earn future commissions when they upgrade!
  • Get access to other affiliate programs that you can represent through your agency. Programs include business and marketing automation tools, training and consulting services and other eCommerce services that fit your personal and business brand.

That’s the power of operating a business under an Agency Umbrella. Having this format in an “earn while you learn” format makes it even more powerful.

You can customize your agency to offer any services and products you want. Pick services and products you are passionate about under an agency umbrella that you can scale to any size and format you want.

If having your own digital agency that generates active, passive and residual income is on your agenda, then  Check out Digital Agency Builders and see if this is the right fit for you.


2. Click Funnels

My second option right now is a cloud service called Click Funnels. If you have some web design and content writing skills already, then you can learn more tips and tricks from the Click Funnels 100 day Affiliate Bootcamp.

Once you sign up with click funnels you can go to the affiliate section and go through the free training. Click Funnels also hosts a variety of paid training events that teach you how to improve your online marketing skills so you can get more clients and how to increase your income by helping other businesses as well.

NOTE: you can add Click Funnels as part of your agency services with Digital Agency Builders. That’s why I listed it second. If you prefer to focus on creating marketing and sales funnels only and not add other sources of income, Click Funnels can be a great start!


3. Amazing Selling Machine

My recommendation is always to start practicing on information and digital products first, but if you prefer to deal with physical products that can be sold on Amazon, then the best training program on the market that I am aware of right now is called the “Amazing Selling Machine”. The program is comprehensive and teaches you how to select the right products, how to list them and how to drive traffic to your listings.

If you already have any products that you sell locally or on your personal eCommerce store, then adding them to Amazon as well will get you a lot of exposure. Many people including myself always go to Amazon first to check pricing and find solutions.

A large portion of the course is dedicated to marketing. So you will be learning skills that can help you build your own Amazon business and get clients to pay you to help them with their Amazon store. If you enjoy the program you can promote it to other businesses who want to start or grow their Amazon business. In total, that training program can open up three sources of income for you… your store, your consulting business and get paid for referrals.


4. Follow Your Gut

There are many new programs introduced to the market that follow the “earn while you learn” model. I will be adding more options I recommend to this page over time.

In the meantime, I am listing “Follow Your Gut” as my number 4 option because I know it is important that you pick something you enjoy and can stick to long term.

When presented with any program that offers an “earn while you learn” setup:

  • Always research the main trainers and  some of their sample videos to see if you like their style.
  • Consider how many income streams will this program provide you.
  • Can you see yourself promoting the same program with confidence?

Here’s the thing… if you brand yourself as a consultant or have an agency umbrella, you can promote multiple offers. But if you brand yourself as a consultant for one program only, you risk loosing it all if that company goes out of business or they discontinue their affiliate program.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS brand yourself first and then create your online income portfolio using services, products, affiliate marketing and/or licensing.

Can you see now why I have listed Digital Agency Builders as my #1 pick right now? If you operate as an agency, you can change your offers and specialties over time to fit new market needs.

For now, just pick one and go with it. Focus on the training value as that is the main component. As you increase in knowledge and skills you can promote any products and services you like.

If you found this page helpful, please share it with others that are looking for answers.

I look forward to hear you feedback and comments and most of all your success story!


Hwayda Kater


P.S. If you have other “earn while you learn programs”  in mind, send me a link and let me know why picked that program or why are you considering it. What do you like about the trainer, the resources, community and affiliate program. I like to check out new programs to review them. Send me a note and let me know what you are up to.

P.P.S. Digital Agency Builders is in pre-launch status and has a special bonus offer. Check out the program now to see if this is the right fit for you before the prices go up!

DISCLOSURE: No one can guarantee your results no matter what training program or business setup you choose. People buy from people. To get faster results always pick programs that fit your needs and focus on delivering value in the marketplace. Provide value and let the market see why they should work with you and buy from you. That’s your responsibility. No one can guarantee your success there! And yes, Feeliix Media Inc. and Hwayda Kater are compensated for some of the reviews on this site using the affiliate marketing business model because we practice what we preach 🙂