Building an online business with Avon

Unique online tools, product samples, and a supportive community make Avon a fantastic company to work with. In fact, Avon is the world’s leader in beauty and direct sales, serving customers for 125 years.

Called “the company for women,” Avon has representatives in over 100 countries.

The 6 million representatives already working for this innovative company bring beauty to women all over the world.

Avon is about empowering women to support their families while looking fabulous in the process.  If empowering women is a cause you would like to join, don’t let the large quantity of representatives turn you away. With the economic dip, Avon has experienced a drop in sales over the last five years, but, the company still enjoys 10 billion dollars in sales annually, so there is room for you!

Avon’s focus has expanded to not only include beauty lines, but fashion and home products, as well.

Make Money Online with Avon

Making money with Avon is easier than with many other companies due to their massive brand recognition and quality track record. It is a business people believe in for its support to women and philanthropic work.

The company also continues to grow and expand, launching as many as 1,000 new products a year. Avon has become a leader in innovative technologies.

Avon provides great resources for you as a representative including:

  • Beautiful brochures created every two weeks with special promotions
  • Coaching and online training courses to get you started
  • Samples and other materials to share
  • Online tools to help you stay connected to customers

Always the innovator, Avon created a collection of digital tools so Representatives could use the technology – which had become so integral to their daily lives – in their businesses. Online ordering; “intelligent ordering” with prompts about special promotions; an “eBrochure;” and customized online communities all help Avon Representatives run their businesses as never before. With the new digital tools, you can easily run your Avon business online.

Representing the Company

With Avon, you’re selling confidence; you’re selling empowerment while working towards financial freedom from the comfort of your own home.

“With your personality and our tools, you can earn money on your own time.”

A flexible schedule and online tools make representing Avon an appealing opportunity.

Signing up is easy with the opportunity to work part-time or turn it into a full-time business.


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