Are you truly cut out to be an entrepreneur?


I see it everyday, people wanting to build their own online business and have the freedom of time and location yet they approach the setup as a job. The reasoning is: “I put so many hours a day then I should get that amount of money back.”

In the business world it does not work that way. Even the definition of entrepreneur is: The owner or manager of a business enterprise who, by risk and initiative, attempts to make profits.

Notice the word “attempts”. With entrepreneurship there are no guarantees. Plus you will face a lot of rejection along the way.

Barbara Corcoran Shark TalesBarbara Corcoran, a New York based real estate mogul and one of the stars on the TV hit shows “Shark Tank” is a great example of an entrepreneur. I highly recommend you follow her on social media and read her books. She has been a great source of inspiration to me; mainly in how anyone no matter what background they come from can build multiple successful businesses.

Here is her take on rejection…

She explains that the secret to handling rejection is on how fast you get back up after you’ve been hit. She found out that the only difference between people who are making millions of dollars and the people who are just getting by is how long they feel sorry about themselves once they get hit. Great entrepreneurs are able to take the hit and able to jump right in then keep going. If you have that skill, you should be an entrepreneur because you will be paid for it.

Barbara Corcoran’s confessed that the next thing she’s good at is being able to fail well and when that happens she realized that after that you stumble on something good.

If you have been struggling building your own business, don’t give up. The majority of entrepreneurs did succeed the first time.