In the age of Instagram, and social media sharing, how do you make images for your online business stand out and tell a story worth sharing?


Using photos from Steve McCurry, the lensman behind National Geographic’s iconic “Afghan Girl” cover, this video covers 9 photo composition tips that you can apply to your photography. Of course rules can be broken depending on the circumstances, but using these 9 photo composition tips will give you a head start and guidelines when planing out your next photo shoot.

  • Rule of thirds: Place points of interest on intersections and important elements along the lines.
  • Leading guides: Use natural lines to lead the eye into the picture
  • Diagonals: Diagonal lines create great improvement
  • Framing: Use natural frames like windows and doors
  • Figure to ground: Find a contrast between subject and background
  • Fill the frame: Get close to your subjects
  • Center dominant eye: Place the dominant eye in the center of the photo
  • Patterns and repetition: Patterns are aesthetically pleasing, especially when you use pattern interrupt
  • Symmetry: Symmetry is pleasing to the eye

Have you applied any of these photo composition tips in your photos?