Will an online business work for YOU?

A newbie in one of the private Facebook groups I belong to asked recently. “If I buy one of the online business training and marketing systems from MOBE (My Own Business Education) will I make money?”

In short, he was not sure if he will be able to run an online business by using online marketing and online advertising strategies. Because that’s what MOBE is really all about.

Here was my response to him.

*******, you are asking us to predict if you will be able to work this business or not and that is hard to tell.

That is like someone asking:

“If I join the Gym will I get fit and be able to compete in athletic competitions?”

That all depends on you, your current physical condition, your mindset and what actions you decide to take each day.

Just like exercise and diet, the changes will not be overnight.

You have to consistently educate yourself and take action on the long run to see results. Some people can join the best gyms in the world and never get results because they don’t go or exercise on a consistent basis. Others might go to a cheap run down gym and find the motivation to keep going and use whatever tools are at their disposal and get phenomenal results.

In short, you need to answer this question for yourself.

Do you want to do all product development and fulfillment on your own or do you want to save time and start your journey by joining companies that have existing systems in place?

One will take longer than the other but both will work if you educate yourself on the procedures and take consistent action.

MOBE will save you time creating products and will do all the phone sales, payment processing and fulfillment on your behalf.

These are items that would cost you in the thousands of dollars to do on your own. And on top of that, you still have to learn how to do online marketing and sales.

You have to work the business and whether people decide to buy from you and your website or choose another person will depend on what value you decide to offer the marketplace.

If you are determined, then do whatever it takes to educate yourself and take action.

This knowledge will apply to any business you decide to do in the future.


Remember, there is no such thing as overnight success.

If you are determined to have your own online business, then keep educating yourself and taking action.

That is why I always recommend to my students and clients to start with the business of education. Because you have to learn online marketing anyway no matter what online business you decide to pursue. So why not have the option to earn while you learn, then take that knowledge and apply it to multiple businesses.

Most people who don’t get results right away, get disappointed and start blaming the training, the product or the business they chose to represent.

With MOBE you are getting online business training that you need anyway to run any online business.

As a value add, MOBE allows you to get commissions if you choose to promote their products. But you don’t have to promote them. You can buy them for the education, for the networking, for the coaching and for the support.

Through a system of affiliate marketing also know as referral marketing, MOBE allows you to get a commission if you recommend their products and services to others.

Many businesses now have a referral program. It is a very common form of customer acquisition.

Companies would much rather pay a commission on a guaranteed sale rather than spend thousands of dollars on advertising that might or might not deliver results.

Now, if you already have a lot of contacts and a large network then finding referrals might be easier for you. If you don’t, then you can start learning and implementing online advertising and marketing techniques to get new leads.

You have to learn how to market, no matter what business you are in. So why not learn it with a system that allows you to make a commission if you refer people to the program.

The good news is you have a choice. There are so many colleges, universities and online training programs that will teach you online marketing and online business skills.

Just pick whatever one works for you and take action. Otherwise you might find yourself few years from know, still looking around for business opportunities rather than taking steps towards learning skills that will make you money no matter what business you decide to pursue.