Traffic Generator Pro: A 3-Step Traffic System For Small Business Owners

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business. If no one knows what you have to offer and how to find you, you’ll never have sales.

That is why traffic is perhaps one of the most painful topics for small business owners.

Unlike large corporations that can afford to spend millions of dollars on client acquisitions, small businesses have a tiny budget and limited resources to work with. This is even more true for new online business owners or those in network marketing and multi-level marketing who invest in a business opportunity that promises to make lots of profits but can hardly get any results.

This really comes down to three problems that no one ever talks about.

  • Traffic methods are constantly changing
  • You need somewhere proven to send your traffic to
  • You’re losing money if you don’t build an email list

That’s where Traffic Generator Pro comes in.




Sending traffic to your offers alone will not work. In fact it is a waste of money.

Most people will not buy on the first visit. Chances are they might not need what you have to offer right now, but they might need it in the future. Unless they have their wallets open and are actively searching for the solution you have to offer at that time, they will probably need several exposures to your offer before they decide to buy.

If you are sending traffic to your websites, stores or social media channels and don’t have a way to capture their information either through an email list signup or re-targeting pixels you will not be able to reach them again with your offers. All that money you spent on traffic to bring them there in the first place is gone down the drain.

What you have to offer will also have a huge impact on the conversions.

Most small business owners will focus on one or two products rather than thinking of solutions for their clients. When you start thinking of solutions rather than products and realize that your customers need multiple solutions to multiple problems you will realize the importance of building strong long term relationships with them. If you provide them with one solution they will come back to you in the future for other solutions. Next time, they will spend much more money with you as you have already gained their trust.

That is why you need to think of traffic as a three step process:

  • You need the right offers and solutions for your niche market
  • You need to drive the right traffic to the right solutions and act as a matchmaker
  • You need to capture the details of that traffic so can reach them again in the future with more solutions and offers

The Traffic Generator Pro Advantage

That is why Traffic Generator Pro is unlike any other traffic training program you will come across.

  • You go to a 30-Step Training Program taught by real in-the-trenches traffic experts. You will learn the same methods they’re currently using to earn a lot of money from Facebook, Google, YouTube; learn about blogging, banner ads, solo ad, and much, much more.
  • You’ll learn how to immediately turn that traffic into cash by promoting some of the Internet’s best-selling products as an affiliate.
  • You’ll learn how to build a cash-on-demand email list by sending traffic to proven lead-capture pages that are built for you. Then you’ll learn how to get recurring cash from that email list with email autoresponders that bring in sales on autopilot, broadcast emails that bring in influxes of cash every time you press send.

Imagine this…

You sit down at your computer; pull up your email list of 50,000 to 100,000 or more email subscribers. You copy and paste a prewritten email, take a few moments to just tweak it and put it in your voice and then you send it out to your list with a few clicks of your mouse. Total time spent about 5 to 10 minutes. Then you go about your day. You run some errands, have dinner with your spouse, watch some TV, and go to bed. Now imagine waking up the next morning, logging in to your affiliate dashboard, and seeing $10,000 in commissions, $10,000 cash that you earned in 24 hours just from pressing send!

That’s the power of an email list.

Your list is an asset that you can use at anytime to create cash at will. That is where most internet marketers, network marketers and other small business owners tend to fail.

We are not talking about spam emails you send to people who don’t want to hear from you. These are quality value add emails you sent to people who specifically requested to hear from you.

You will learn:

  • How to find those leads using proven traffic methods
  • How to get them to willingly give you their contact details with lead capture pages and lead magnets
  • How to find out what they need and send them to the write offers
  • What to say in your emails
  • How to build a relationship with them

The main components of the program are as follows:

30-Step Traffic Mastery Training

30-Step Traffic Mastery TrainingThe Traffic Mastery Training is unlike any other how-to-get traffic program out there because it’s taught by real traffic experts, not pretend gurus. Many of these experts are top affiliates and have earned millions of dollars in commissions. Others are superstars marketers that manage over $300,000 per month in ads spend. These experts are in the trenches every day, testing and tweaking, sticking with the winners and throwing out the losers.

The steps are easy to go through and the average time it takes is about 30 minutes. Here are a few of the things you’ll learn:

Traffic Fundamentals – you’ll learn the basic concepts you’ll need to know before moving forward including terms, definitions, and the main types of traffic.

Pay-per-click strategies – you’ll learn how to reach some of Facebook’s 1.6 billion users, how to create campaigns for Google’s Display and Search networks, and how to have your ads appear everywhere when people visit their favorite websites on the Internet.

The power of YouTube – did you know that YouTube gets over 4 billion video views everyday and the best part is it’s free, which means that you can leverage this platform to get free traffic. You’ll learn how to target prospects, how to turn viewers into opt-ins, and how to create videos using just your smartphone.

You will also learn about Solo Ads. Solo ads is sponsored emails to large email lists and they are the number one traffic source for many online marketers. You’ll learn how solo ads work, how to work with providers, and how to bring in thousands of leads in a matter of just hours.

Banner Ad Marketing – you’ll learn how to create your own banner ads for free or get other people to make them for you for as little as $5. You’ll learn where to go and place these banners and how to track your results.

Blogging Secrets – you’re going to be learning from one of the best bloggers on the planet who also has a blog that gets over 200,000 active readers every month. He’s going to show you how to generate free traffic even if you don’t have a blog of your own. You’ll learn how to use guest posting on other people’s blogs to get free leads and how to quickly set up your own blog and use pop-ups to turn your visitors into leads.

Warm Market Traffic ‑ you’ll learn how to create an offline warm market of leads. Using strategies like free in-person meet ups to build your own list of highly targeted leads that can be potential goldmines.

The best part is you’ll only need to learn one traffic source to get started. Watch all the training first and then choose one traffic method that works best for you and your budget. Once you start making money with that traffic source, then you can go back and learn the next one.

The training will never be out of date because Traffic Mastery is updated with new what’s working now training every month. Old training will be swapped out as the market changes. As long as you’re an active member in Traffic Generator Pro, you’ll get access to new monthly training and updates.

7 Minute Lead Capture Pages7 Minute Lead Capture Pages

You get tested and proven lead-capture pages that will build your email list on autopilot, and lead magnets that you can use to get prospects’ email addresses.
You’ll also get training on how to create your own lead magnets, or get other people to create them for you for as little as $5.

After you log into Traffic Generator Pro, you can have your first brand-new website in about 10 minutes. The domain name and hosting is taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about that.

That is perhaps one of the most frustrating tasks you can face already done for you!

Email Marketing 101

You get training on the basics of email marketing and how to build a responsive email list. Plus 25 “copy and paste” templates that you can use to generate “cash on demand” from your email list.Email Marketing 101

If you use Traffic Generator Pro the right way, you can get your first 100 leads in as little as 24 hours and grow your list from there.If you reinvest the money you earn back into traffic, then you can easily build a list of 10,000 in a couple of months.This list of 10,000 names could bring you up to $100,000 (or more) in the next year.

It’s simple math …

Each name on your list is worth about $1 to $2 per month (that’s the industry standard). The sooner you learn how to master the art and science of email marketing the sooner you will turn your business into the profit zone with long term automated income streams.

Your Personal Traffic Coach

You get access to your own Traffic Coach who will answer any questions you have and help you through the 30-steps.

If you ever get stuck, they are just a phone call or email away. Yes that is a live personal coach.

“What’s Working Now” Updates

You’ll get new training updates every month, so you’ll always be on the cutting edge of What’s Working Now to get traffic.

Bonus #1—“Traffic Mastery” Daily Support Webinars

In addition to the regular Traffic Mastery training, there will also be LIVE webinars every single day where you can ask questions and get them answered by one of the expert coaches.

There are multiple webinars a day, 6 days a week (Monday through Saturday) that match up with each of the 7 training modules.

That means that no matter what time zone you’re in, there will be a support webinar that is convenient for you. All you have to do is register for the webinar slot you want to attend, login and ask your questions live on the spot to a qualified traffic trainer.

Bonus #2—IM Revolution eBook

You get rights to use a best-selling ebook IM Revolution as a powerful lead magnet (or sell it as an affiliate). IM Revolution is one of the top selling ebooks in the internet marketing space.

Limitless-by-matt-lloyd-bookBonus #3—Free Copy of Limitless

You’ll get a physical copy of Matt Lloyd’s book Limitless shipped to your door for free. Matt Lloyd is the CEO and founder of MOBE and the Traffic Generator Pro System. His book reveals how you can escape the rat race and make money online in the New Economy. In this book, you’ll learn the secret to Matt’s success (the HTAM Method), and how regular people like you have used it to earn a documented $51 million to date. Then, you’ll learn how to apply the HTAM Method yourself, so you can escape the rat race and make money online in the new economy.

With all the components added up this is a very good value in terms of training and implementation support and a highly recommended program for anyone interested in improving their online marketing and lead generation skills.

Contact me for more details or click here to learn more.