How To Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Results With A Top Tier Side Income

One of the biggest challenges affiliate marketers face is the increasing cost of traffic.

Gone are the days of free traffic when you could post a few blog posts or build a social media following and make product suggestions that result in commission checks in your bank account.

If affiliate marketing is your only source of income, then you’re probably feeling the heat right now.

To get a sale, you need to either have a large following that look up to you for advice and tips, or you need to master the art and science of traffic and conversion.

  • Traffic, is when you direct people who are interested in your offers to a particular website or optin page so they can learn more. This usually requires some marketing knowledge and the paid advertising expertise.
  • Conversion, is when your website or optin page is so good that your site visitors are compelled to either make a purchase or give you their name and email address in exchange for more information.

THE GOOD NEWS is that no matter what online income model you decide to pursue, you have to learn how to generate traffic and convert that traffic.

With affiliate marketing that is the only thing you need to master.

You don’t have to create the products or services, worry about inventory, payment processing, shipping and handling or returned items.

That is all done for you!

Why Businesses Fail

Lack of qualified leads and customers is perhaps one of the top reasons why many businesses fail.

Most business owners focus on opening the business and give little thought to the customer acquisition process. They think, “If I build it, they will come.” But with so many websites, blogs and online stores and platforms created each day, the competition is getting fierce. And if you don’t know how to direct a steady stream of qualified traffic to your sites, you’ll be out of business in no time.

Increase Your Income By Increasing Your Customer Value

One of the fastest ways to increase your affiliate marketing income is to start promoting premium products with a higher price point and higher profit margins. High ticket items and premium products are also referred to as Top Tier.

Promoting Top Tier products that generate commissions over $1,000 per sale will allow you to budget more for advertising and traffic costs as opposed to focusing on products that only generate $10, $50 or even $100 per sale.

What if you were promoting products that generate over $3,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 per sale?

Not only will you have more wiggle room for advertising and traffic costs, but your profits will increase drastically. You’ll only need a handful of sales each month to make a comfortable side income or even a full-time income.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Companies that use this business model of High Ticket or Top Tier Affiliate Marketing have been around for a while, but hardly any affiliates know about them. That is because Top tier products are not listed on affiliate network sites. For most, you literally have to be invited into their private affiliate program or stumble across them accidentally.

In many cases they’ll also expect you to pick up the phone and make the sale yourself, as very few people will buy a premium product in the $1,000 – $100,000+ range online. These top tier types of sales usually have a longer sales cycle and will involve some human interaction.

When you hear of super affiliates making millions of dollars online, chances are they’re tapping into the top tier affiliate marketing model.

Some companies are starting to expand and offer top tier programs to their affiliates and also offer access to dedicated sales teams. All the affiliate has to do in this case is send traffic to a low ticket item, like a $49 product. Once a purchase takes place, the phone sales team of the company will follow up with the customers and offer them many other solutions that cost anywhere from $97 to $10,000 and much more.

When a sale takes place, the affiliate will get a commission on the customer no matter what they buy in the future. That can easily translate to thousands of dollars in commissions per sale! All for sending leads to a low ticket offer of just $49.

Of course not everyone will buy subsequent products, but chances are if someone is interested in the front-end product from a company, they’ll also be interested in other products in the same category… if not now, maybe in the future.

To survive online and keep your business in the profit zone, consider adding Top Tier Side Income to the mix.

What if you could promote top tier products that teach people one of the top skills they need to know in any business?

Now you can!