Tired of of spending thousands of dollars on your affiliate marketing business but not getting the results you had in mind?

You are not alone. With the rising cost in online traffic, it is becoming harder and harder for affiliates to generate a decent profit online.

Typically affiliates rely on promoting products from networks like affiliates.com, cj.com, LinkShare, clickbank.com and similar services to make a return on investment.

As long as the profits are higher than the expenses, then you will be in good shape. Once you have a good balance of having more profits than expenses in place, then you can scale the business by increasing the amount of traffic which in turn would translate to more sales and more profit.

This model worked for a while but now with more people playing in the same affiliate marketing arena and the rising costs of advertising and online traffic, turning a decent and profitable income from your affiliate marketing business is not as easy as it used to be.

It still works and can be a great addition to your online income portfolio, but if you are looking to make affiliate marketing as your only source of income or simply generate commissions in the hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars online, you need to reassess your strategy.

Take for example the Top 10 Affiliate Marketers in MOBE who have collectively generated almost $15 Million dollars in the last 12-24 months. Keep in mind that these numbers only apply to the MOBE Marketing System and not other programs they might also be promoting.

If you ask each one of them, they will tell you that the MOBE Marketing System delivers the best results:

  1. Redshift Digital Marketing $4,966,474.81
  2. Tim Donovan $2,441,042.02
  3. Shaqir Hussyin $1,739,445.46
  4. John Chow $1,677,874.13
  5. Paul Lynch $1,463,991.44
  6. Michelle and Bill Pescosolido $685,276.63
  7. Bazi Hassan $428,660.27
  8. Jashin Howell $422,983.29
  9. Luke Lim $401,584.03
  10. Carolina Millan $374,548.34

In general MOBE pays standard affiliates higher than average commissions, but the even higher commissions come from promoting top tier solutions on the back end and allowing the affiliates to tap into those commissions.

This is not an option with the conventional affiliate networks. They will only pay you a commission on the front end sale. In other words if the same client makes a subsequent sale from the same vendor, you will not get a commission on the sale.

You have done all the hard work of finding prospects and sending paid traffic to the vendors and they reward you on the first sale only. After that you are on your own again hunting for new prospects to send to new offers. A never ending story of finding new clients.

A successful business thrives on repeat clients who love you and trust you and always come back for more products and solutions. Each time they come back they are willing to spend more money with you and purchase higher ticket items.

As an affiliate there are two things you can do to tap into high ticket back end commissions.

  1. Build your own list and then send them to the affiliate offers.
  2. Tap into the licensing model that allows you to collect commissions on the back end

If you have mastered the art and science of affiliate marketing but not getting the results you have in mind, then you need to start educating yourself on the licensing model.

It is the same amount of work and effort as affiliate marketing except you can collect the higher commissions on the back end sales.