Are the days of FREE content marketing strategies gone for good?

The simple answer to this question is really no. But it is becoming more challenging to reach your audience without spending on advertising and/or original content development to share on various online and other social media channels.

Like anything else in business, it is all about supply and demand…and the supply of content is mindboggling.

Large corporations like Nestlé have the resources and budget to dish out and create up to 1,500 pieces of content per day on their over 800 Facebook pages, costing them according to one estimates around $127,500 per day. Clearly they are trying to win this battle with volume and they have the money for it.

For a small online business owner on a tight budget, you have a few other options:

Create unique content that no one else can duplicate.

e.g. Personal videos and photos of you doing what you love. People are curious and want to see what you are up to. How do you conduct your business and what is working for you. But be prepared to put your life on display and accept both good and bad criticism.

Focus on paid advertising on channels that approve your niche.

e.g. Banner ad advertising on niche websites and solo ads will be much cheaper than trying to compete in the content generating arena in the hopes of winning the battle with search engines and social media display algorithms. Check out Traffic Masters Academy for more tips.

Promote Top Tier products that generate large commissions in the thousands of dollars.

If you are still promoting small affiliate products that barely bring in any commissions you will not be able to survive online. e.g. if you are generating a $1,000 commission online per sale, then spending $500 on advertising will not be an issue. You are still making a profit. But if you are promoting products that only generate $10 commissions, you will have no chance of survival unless you are selling them in large volume.

Check out the MTTB (My Top Tier Business) online business system to see how you can add Top Tier products to your online business so you can see higher commissions.


The infographic below was created by content marketing software company Percolate, and based on recently revealed information from Nestle concerning their marketing content development volume and spend. The numbers are crazy…but they do show that to build and grow an online business, you need to factor in marketing costs. Just like an offline business, an online business also has associated costs and until you accept that, your online business is not likely to grow.

INFOGRAPHIC | Cost of Social Media Marketing