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Your website is an asset that increases in value as you add more readers, subscribers and customers who choose to purchase your offers.

Learn how to build Shopify stores, flip them for 3-5x earnings, and repeat the process over and over again for massive profits!



REGISTER NOW: Friday April 14 – Sunday April 16, 2017

Thanks to automated eCommerce platforms like Shopify you can now build a fully functional online store with advanced features in a matter of days. Using the power of apps, you can now customize your store to your liking and to fit a very specific target audience and target market.

When combined with drop shipping and print on demand features, you can have a very profitable store without even investing in any inventory!

Tecademics Shopify Certified Power Sellers

The Shopify Certified Power Sellers Advantage

Eliminate the risk of spending thousands of dollars on manufacturing or buying wholesale products when you are not even sure if anyone will buy them or not.

Tecademics, a Shopify approved trainer, specializes in teaching beginners around the world on how to build these sites from home, with little to no previous experience, and how to generate part-time income.

There are savvy investors around the world who have money to invest into pre-existing stores that are already profitable and set up in a structured way through the Tecademics training.

This presents a unique opportunity for you to build stores in specific niches, get them profitable, implement a system with structure that can be passed along to a new store owner, and then flip these stores to savvy investors willing to pay a multiple of the store profit.

For example, if a store was built within the guidelines that an investor required, and the net profit after expenses was $10,000/mo, a savvy investor may be willing to pay 2x-5x those earnings to purchase the site and take over the management of it.

5x x $10,000 = $50,000 (Per Store)

Using the above example, you can see how you as a student who built that store can receive a lump sum payment of $50,000 for building out a profitable store. After turning over all assets to the new investor you can build up more stores in non competing niches and continue to flip them for profits.

What You Need to Know about Shopify Certified Power Sellers

When setting up your store for flipping, there are many aspects you need to consider before you start that will make it more attractive for buyers and allows a smoother transition from owner to owner. Make sure you know these details before you start, or you might be wasting your time building a store no one wants to buy.

There are many savvy investors looking for pre-build stores that are generating a profit. Knowing what they want and how to make it easy for them to take over your store after the purchase will not only increase your likelihood of a sale but will increase the price of your eCommerce websites.

JOIN Chris Record and the the Tecademcis team on Friday April 14 – Sunday April 16, 2017 at their headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona for the Certified Power Sellers Certification Workshop that will show you how to build, list, and sell Shopify stores to their existing exclusive network of retail investor/buyers!

So you don’t even need to go and find buyers. They will help you build the stores and find buyers!

Who Is Shopify Certified Power Sellers For

If you are more design and technically oriented and love building and setting up stores but not too passionate about the day to day operations of the store, then this workshop is for you.

Shopify stores require no coding experience. If you know how to use Facebook or similar online platforms with customization features, then you will know how to use Shopify. If you have html and CSS skills or graphic design skills, you will find this even easier. If you don’t, you can easily outsource the store design customization tasks to other designers for very low prices using sites like But in general, the default templates that come with Shopify look good and easy to use. You can also purchase existing templates so you don’t waste time on the design part.

So at the workshop your focus will be on learning:

  • How to build the store on the Shopify platform and set it up in a way that can be transitioned smoothly to anther buyer (no coding required)
  • Select top selling products through drop shipping networks (no investment required)
  • Setup advertising campaigns on social media networks to draw traffic
  • Sell the store for 2x-5x its proven earnings

This allows you to build stores that are high in demand even if you are not passionate about the subject matter.

What you choose to sell online is very important but if you don’t enjoy the topic, you might not like running that store for a long time. Why not sell it for a profit and move on to repeat the process… something you LOVE to do.

Check out the link ASAP and take advantage of the early bird pricing.

Join Chris Record and the Tecademcis eComm team this April and take your eCommerce business skills to the next level!