From limiting full-time corporate jobs to building a lucrative online business that allows them to travel the world, learn how Michelle and Bill Pescosolido made the transition.

Michelle: I am from Dallas, Texas. I actually grew up in Houston, Texas but moved to Dallas about six or seven years ago. And before I discovered MOBE, I was actually working with children with autism, earning a wapping $10 an hour. In my thirties, I’ve gone through some course of tragic events and decided I needed to go back to school get a college degree. Like most people do, they go through the course of going to school… high school then on to college, getting a degree and landing a job in corporate America.

I did that, got a double degree in Child Development and Psychology and started working with these children earning $10 an hour. I believe there were babysitters on our street making more money than I was.

Bill: I’m originally from New England. I now live in Dallas, Texas. Before joining MOBE, I was in corporate America for about sixteen years. And the thing about being in corporate America is I realized that I was constantly building someone else’s dream and never building my own dream. And believe me; driving to work every day, sitting in a cubicle, looking out the window was not my idea of a good time. Thankfully, we’ve found MOBE and things have changed.

Michelle: It was very rewarding for me to be working with these children with autism but one of the things and the biggest drawback for me was, I have two children that needed my time as a mom. I found that as I was working with these children with autism eight to ten hours a day, making a wapping $10 an hour, I was drained. I have been kicked, I’ve been spit on, I got bitten by these children and I was completely drained when I got home every day. And I felt that I was an ineffective parent. And at that time, Bill and I were engaged, I was an ineffective fiancée. I didn’t feel like I was holding up my end of the bargain. Let’s just put it that way.

I was just so tired and I really couldn’t be an effective parent. And I just knew that I had to find another way. And that’s when I discovered there was this world of home-based business and that’s where I joined my career in network marketing.

Bill: The interesting thing for me is that, Michelle was already now working at home and I was still driving to work every single day. I was battling commuter traffic, having to get in a suit and tie. I was actually having to ask my boss for permission to go to the dentist or ask my boss permission to leave work early, just so I can go watch one of the kids sporting events.

And the realization, what really dawned on me was when Michelle and I sat down and took a hard look at our finances and she actually in one month had earned more money than I have made in corporate America. And I realized, she’s at home, working from home, in her pyjamas, on the sofa, with her laptop on her lap and I’m having to go to work every day and she in one month had made more money than me. And believe me that was a huge realization that we really had to get involved in online marketing business.

Michelle: How did I find MOBE? We were actually already internet marketers but inexperienced up to this point and we were really looking for a program that could solve a lot of problems in the home-based business industry. And what we knew was a lot of people didn’t like to get on the phone and actually talk to their prospects and close them. One of the things that we loved about MOBE was the fact that they have their very own phone sales team and that they will close people for you throughout that funnel. And that was amazing to us.

In fact, after we found MOBE, within thirty days, we had already made roughly about $15,000.

Bill: Now, another thing that attracted us so much to MOBE, which again was one of the pitfalls of network marketing, is that when you join MOBE, you actually get a personal one-on-one business coach. They’re going to walk you through every one of the steps. Step by step by step and ensure that you’re going through the steps, that you understand exactly what you’re doing, what the next step of the process is going to be and ensure that there’s accountability for you so that you won’t slip through the cracks.

For us, the value of going platinum within MOBE was, simply put, to get fully positioned. When you’re at the platinum level, you get to do really cool things like what we’re doing right now which is we’re hanging out in Costa Rica, which we’re actually coming to right now. We’re at a live mastermind event. We’re hanging out with other 6, 7, and 8-figure earners. We’re learning a lot. We’re having a ton of fun. We’re coaching. We’re hanging out with our team and fellow MOBE members. Frankly, it fits in with our lifestyle because we love to travel.

And because of MOBE, we now get to do this several times a year. Go to exotic locations, have a lot of fun, learn, network and build our business.

Michelle: Our results so far have been fantastic and all we’ve had to do is get in to the system and drive traffic to one of the sales funnels. In fact, our very best day, and we’ve been in only probably a little less than thirty days–one of our very best days, we made roughly about $3500. And the great thing is we now have partners in our team. In fact, we just recently have a gentleman by the name of Anthony who made three sales today plus he was able to make another MLR sale in the MOBE system.

Bill: So far, we’re loving being in MOBE. I mean, the system works. All we really is leverage the funnel, drive traffic to it and it converts. Again, the phone sales team comes in and takes over from there and we get to sit back and enjoy our time here in Costa Rica.

The MOBE community is phenomenal. It’s actually unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. We’re having a fantastic time here in Costa Rica. We’ve made some lasting friendships that really we’ll last a lifetime. We made a network with people.

We learned a lot. We even made some partnerships for our business that’s going to help us get to the next level. If you’re looking for that community and that support and to be with like-minded people, there’s really nothing else like MOBE.


UPDATE: As of September 31, 2016, Michelle and Bill Pescosolido have already crossed the $1 Million mark in commissions using the MOBE High Ticket Affiliate Marketing program that they nicknamed the 7 Figure Freedom Formula.

Michelle and Bill PescosolidoMichelle and Bill Pescosolido now have their own coaching and training programs as well that generate them profits, however having a strong High Ticket Affiliate Program that they can leverage has taken their income to another level.

With High Ticket Affiliate Marketing, everything is done for Michelle and Bill Pescosolido, from product development, payment processing, and fulfillment all the way to customer support. All they have to focus on is marketing.

Watch their video update below and find out what has made the difference with their online income results.