What to do when you have been laid off at a later stage in your career. Case study of how Mark used this opportunity to start his online business.



Here is what Mark had to say:

Hello! I’m Mark Secor. I live approximately thirty miles north of Detroit, Michigan, which you probably know as the automotive capital of the world. I worked as a quality professional in that arena for about thirty years. I worked for one company, for fifteen years, until the day they decided to close their doors. It was a bankruptcy. They called us in one day and said, “We’re done.” Big shock–well, that was it. And that’s when I decided knew I needed to take control of my future and I began to study the internet to look for a way to control my own destiny and make money online, in essence.

Four years later, what it really came down to was my lack of confidence in my technical skills and my unwillingness to just do it. As I started to realize that I actually do have to take charge and control of my destiny, I started looking at things differently. I stumbled across something that seemed a little different to me. Something I wasn’t familiar with. It had to do with licensing someone else’s products and funnel to create structure for your business. Now, keep it in mind that that was my weakness. The technical side to put it all in together–that looked pretty good to me.

I was familiar with affiliate marketing but this really was affiliate marketing on steroids. It was MOBE, my online business empire. But, as I learned more about it, it became very clear that it was a superior system. You’re looking at a well-designed, high converting sales funnel. Front-end products that are very well done–high-end, top-tier, back-end products, coaching both on when you get in through the first twenty-one steps and then traffic coaching. To support you as you learn traffic because what you’ll find out, if and when you learn more about this–what you are responsible for, is driving traffic. They help you with that also. I recognized the opportunity. And I went all-in as a platinum member.

You get to attend Masterminds where you’re networking with some of the top minds in internet marketing and some of the top producers in the business. I’m currently in Costa Rica at the Platinum Mastermind. It’s been absolutely amazing. The people I’ve met, what I’ve learned and the mindset change that I’ve been able to go through.

Now, I’ve only been doing this for about four months. When I started, I won’t lie, it was difficult because I didn’t have a clue. But as I learned, I started to make some money. After a couple of months, I was making about $1000 a month. My third month got doubled. My goal for 2014 is $100,000. And then, I’ll scale it up from there as my skills and confidence improve.

If you’re considering making money online or changing your business to making money online, I would seriously consider MOBE. It’s a great community. It’s a wonderful system. And the people here are more than willing to share everything. And I mean everything to help you be successful. Now, I’m sure there’s a link somewhere around this video that you can click to get more information. I hope you do and I’ll speak with you later.