Caroline Millan is an amazing success story of how anyone can go from living paycheck to paycheck to making hundreds of thousands of dollars online.


Carolina Millan comes from a Human Resources background. Very early in her career realized that she was not passionate about a standard 9-5 corporate job. She loves to travel and attend concerts and being tied to job trading her time for money was not going to get her dream lifestyle. Only a few short years ago she was living paycheck to paycheck. But thanks to the internet and the Laptop Lifestyle System, she now makes over 6-figures a year while working from home and traveling the world.

Here is how Carolina describes her story…

Laptop Lifestyle SystemHi! I’m Carolina Millan from Chile. And, before I got into internet marketing and making money online, I was a recruiter in the Human Resources department in a company in Chile. The main reason I decided to live from the internet and change my lifestyle was that, at that job that I had, even though the environment was nice, I just wasn’t ready to give up my freedom. I wasn’t ready to have a boss. I didn’t want to get up early in the morning. I didn’t want to be in traffic. I didn’t want limited holidays. All those things together lead me to the internet and to look for an alternative.

When I started looking for options to improve my lifestyle, I found several internet marketers on Google, who were talking about living from the internet, working from your laptop, working from anywhere in the world, being geographically free and all of that.

So I started signing up for some of their newsletters.

I started buying courses and I started learning about it.

And my first experience was with an MLM company. Things didn’t go that well with MLM. I didn’t want to harass people and that’s what my upline was telling me to do. Just talk to everybody you have ever met. Make a list of all your friends and family, drag them to hotel meetings. And I frankly didn’t want to do that.

So I kept searching.

And shortly after, I would say probably around the end of 2011, I ran into Matt Lloyd and he had just started MOBE a few months before. I saw one of his videos and from the beginning I figured that he was somebody genuine that I could follow and learn from.

After about four years struggling to make money online and finding MOBE. I would have to say the main difference for me—because I have invested in other programs before and made no money at all, was the support that I got.

The fact that I got a coach, I got somebody who got on Skype with me, somebody who is willing to show me the steps to follow.

That made the difference because I just needed that extra push. Alone, I wasn’t going to get anywhere.

With MOBE, I got that incentive. As soon as, the Titanium and Platinum programs launched, I saw the value and the bigger commissions. I was getting decent results already so I figured the best thing to do was to reinvest back into the business and just scale up.

My first year in MOBE, I made somewhere around $25,000, which for me at the moment was a lot of money. It was the first time I ever made money online after four years looking for something that worked. I was really excited about it.

(UPDATE: As of January 10, 2018, Carolina has made over $780,005.95 using the Laptop Lifestyle System).

Then, Titanium and Platinum came up, I skyrocketed those results to over a hundred thousand a year. Right now, I have made roughly $215,000 in commissions. And I remember the first time I got a double figure in a month I started to think, “Okay, what do I do now?” Because I was no longer in the same situation as I was before. I had to rethink a lot of things about my life.

Definitely, everything that came with it was for the better. And today, I’m very happy to work with people all over the world. For me, that’s the most rewarding part.

After I quit my job, it took me a couple of years to quit my job that happened back in 2011 and it was before I found MOBE. But I still didn’t have the freedom that I needed. I was still doing some consulting stuff. I was still trading time for money. But, when MOBE came around, I was finally making a sustainable income—consistent income, month after month, which allowed me to travel the world, to grow as a person, to invest more in myself, to increase my knowledge, and increase my value in the marketplace.

It wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t taken action when the opportunity was in front of me.

Another thing that I really like about this company is the community, the people. Every time I get to these events, I network with people from all around the world. Sometimes, we end up creating long-lasting relationships, joint ventures and that for me is already priceless.

It doesn’t matter how much I paid to be here. The fact that I made those connections, already makes it all paid for. Not only that, but getting to teach people what I have learned, getting to interact with people who are inspired by my story, and who feel like they can get some value from me. Then, see them take action, follow my advice–that’s my favorite part of this.

If you feel that you’re in a situation similar to the one I was in a few years ago, if you’re sitting at your job, and wondering, “Is this it? Is there nothing else to life?” I just have to work my ass off for somebody else to get rich, then, I strongly recommend that you learn a little bit more about internet marketing, learn a little bit more about MOBE and then you get involve.

UPDATE: As of September 2015, Carolina has already earned over $400,000 with the MOBE system alone. That does not include other products and services she represents.

Secrets To Her Success


Carolina has done a great job branding herself from the start rather than the companies or products she chose to represent. This has allowed her to position herself in the market place as an exert early on and will allow her to expand and grow her business more and more.

Many newbies make a mistake of branding their website or social media accounts under the company name they represent, which drastically limits any future growth potential.


Carolina invested in her education and took every opportunity to buy new training programs and network with the top internet marketers at live events and masterminds. Many newbies waste their time searching for free information online and get sucked into scams that promise to make them overnight riches without any effort, training or money.

Learn early on to get out from behind your computer and network with the top players at live events. If you email them, they are not likely to respond, but if you see them at a live event, it is much easier to make those connections.

Leverage Systems

After trying for over 4 years, Carolina took advantage of existing systems like MOBE to increase her income. Once she learned that lesson, she now looks for other leverage opportunities to increase her income further.