When we think of a direct sales online business or one that is based on affiliate marketing, we sometimes tend to envision a young male spending countless hours at home building an affiliate based business.

Chris Prefontaine, a real estate investor and broker from Newport Road Island with his wife, dog and 2 kids in their mid twenties defies that preconceived idea and proves that anyone, even someone with no online business or online marketing experience can do it. If anything we would have expected his kids to be doing this.

Watch the video and find out how he was able to make over $110,000 in a year part-time with the MOBE Business & Marketing System. That does not include his other income from his main real estate business.

In addition, because of his high sales volume, he also qualified for one of the perks that the MOBE systems provides and that is a free Mercedes.

Here is his story in his own words…


Hi my name is Chris Prefontaine and I’m coming to you here from Newport Rohod Island, a beautiful castle hill here along the water. My wife Kim and I live in Newport; it’s actually an island, a Freetown island called the Quidnic Island. Quite an amazing place; kind of a little bubble; a getaway for us.  Been here since about 2008. I remember we used to travel here when

I was in real estate as a Realtor and think gosh we never live there, because we were so regional with our work. We always wanted to be here. We are here full time now, our kids, I say kids, 24 and 25, they’re on their own independently in Newport and so we see them constantly. We live here, we work here, we travel from here. It’s quite an amazing place to hang out.

On a day-to-day basis for the last gosh 23 some odd years with a few exceptions I’ve been in real estate in some fashion or other, building homes realtor, owner of a brokerage company. Now working my own investments full-time since 2008. So that gives us the option from a schedule standpoint and from a geographic standpoint to be anywhere we want and always thinking of ways to not just create residual with the real estate and other businesses we have, but also keep it flexible so that we can do it from anywhere in the world.

So in 2012 I remember losing one of my assistants. She went off and got a full-time job and she would be the brains behind my online market at that time. I couldn’t tell you how to sign in to Facebook, I couldn’t tell you how to do anything online, because she would do it, I’d rely on her.

When she left I said “Oh oh” I gotta do something to learn online. Even if it’s to help my own businesses, just to keep myself current. I started studying courses online, googling different things; ran into a couple of mentors. And one of those courses I bought led me to Matt Lloyd. He was actually a trainer on one of the courses.

When I found Matt’s stuff I found it very relatable, I could get into it with my zero background in online. I could actually understand what he was saying, what he was teaching.

I started gobbling up all Matt’s courses.

Over the course of, this would have been, the summer of July 2012 to the end of the year. I bought all Matt’s courses that I could.

I got a call from Matt, actually a message Matt at the end of the year saying you know you’re buying all these courses. Do you realize you could actually have access to everything I have, almost everything if you just grab what he calls a license to his products? I said ok I’ll do that, so I grabbed it, what they called a licensee.

I did that, I started buying up more courses. Literally a month later Matt messaged me and said you really gotta see the big picture here, there’s a business behind all this. You are doing this to learn but there’s a business behind it. Come to my event in California.

I did that; I flew out to California, saw what the big picture really looked like; saw that you could actually earn some money, not just learn how to do online marketing and supplement your other businesses.

At that event I actually got fully invested at the Platinum level and the very first month started earning. It really changed the way I think about it guys because I can be here in Newport, I can be on the beach, I could be on a plane; as long as I have my computer and my cellphone, I can operate the MOBE business; very very flexible.

You know the type of income is probably important to say something about because I’m used to, in the old days, doing something in real estate and getting it checked. Now the MOBE system’s a little different; you could be at your desk at work, you could be on vacation, you could be anywhere and get a message from MOBE. This is what I’ve had, messages from MOBE saying hey! Congrats! You earned eight thousand. Hey! Congrats! You earned three thousand; it was one a few days ago. That’s the coolest message you get when you didn’t expect it.

So after about six or eight months working the MOBE system part part-time I got a message saying hey! You qualified for the MOBE merc, filled out a page or two of paper work, took about five minutes. And then my wife and I took a trip to the dealership.

Fun experience guys; walked through looked at four or five vehicles. Kinda had our eye on the convertible all along but went through and figured hey! We’re getting a free Mercedes you might as well look at everything.

Picked out the one we wanted, the convertible and what a cool thing to do to drive to my appointments in real estate; to drive around the island here with Kim with the top down and a dog with us and just a great great experience having that convertible at our finger tips for free.

So it’s been about a year now with MOBE, my results have been about a hundred and ten thousand dollars in commissions earned and the free Mercedes and I still focus on my real estate business ninety to eighty percent of the time. What I do is I automate the MOBE business.

The MOBE system taught me how to automate, taught me how to outsource, that’s the key word. So about ninety eight percent of the activity that I do with MOBE is done by a virtual assistant that I’ve never met; they’re not even in the same country as me. They do most of the work, I check in often with them and I check in often with the MOBE back office, which tracks everything you can imagine, and that’s on autopilot. I don’t have to distract myself from my business and I say that to some of you that might have a job or other successful businesses. You can incorporate this quite nicely and keep it on autopilot by outsourcing.

You know as part of the MOBE experience, I’ll call it, Matt asked me to speak a couple of times at one of his events and I remember saying to my wife, I’ve spoken before for real estate things and some network marketing things in the old days but never to a group of online marketers that actually know what they’re doing. And I didn’t coming in and Matt asked me to speak. So all I can tell you guys is it did open all new avenue for me. Got me thinking a little bit bigger and let me realize that I had a little bit of a niche with MOBE. My niche was I looked at this to help my other businesses, not as a business. So some people in the room could perhaps benefit from that.

It was a totally different experience for me, I was intimidated by it even though I’ve spoken before that’s a different group of all online marketers looking at you thinking, what is he gonna teach me? He doesn’t know online marketing. So it was a great experience I did that.

And I know you have a chance with MOBE to grow into those roles if you want to.

So if you’re like me and you’re running some other business right now, I would take a serious look at this because it will supplement, it will help you you’re your other businesses while you make money on the side. That’s the key point.

If you’re not like me and you have a job somewhere that’s maybe stressing you out or maybe you love it, you can incorporate this as well. It really doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re from right now or what you’re doing for a job; this can be incorporated. You know I encourage you to contact MOBE or contact myself, and let the system, let us all show you how this can be incorporated in your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what you have for time, it doesn’t matter what your goals are this can be incorporated.

So guys don’t hesitate, come board, take the first step, let us take you by the hand with a proven predictable system and show you exactly how to incorporate that in your life. We’ll all be there for you; you’ve never met such an amazing group of entrepreneurs and like minded people. They’ll help you; literally hold you by the hand step by step to make you successful with the MOBE systems.