Do you want a brand new vehicle… that is paid for by someone else?

Who wouldn’t?

That is why many direct selling companies use the car incentive program. The car speaks volumes about how successful they have been and how successful any prospective distributor can potentially be by making the most of the company’s opportunity.

The message is clear, translates well to all industries and creates pride and desire among the sales force and business partners.

Car programs cross the lines among compensation, incentives, rewards, recognition and even advertising.

The pink Cadillac program introduced by Mary Kay in 1969 might be the most recognizable but the truth is many direct selling companies use this model now or a similar incentive program other than cars.

Companies that use this recognition model rave about it for two reasons:

  1. The programs drive sales by providing a tangible feel-good incentive to distributors to continue building their businesses.
  2. The car is a literal “message in the driveway” about what is possible for future partners and a conversation-starter with potential recruits.

While this model is becoming common in the offline world, its now being adapted by forward thinking companies like MOBE.

MOBE Motors Program


MOBE “My Online Business Education” is a revolutionary training company that helps online business entrepreneurs learn the ins and outs of starting and growing a home based online business.

In addition to providing a large selection of online training programs, seminars and masterminds to help any business owner build and supercharge their online business, it also offers entrepreneurs the option to promote those training products and events for a commission either as an affiliate or business partner.

MOBE is one of the few online businesses that offers a car bonus program.

Once a car program is in place, companies usually don’t tweak it often. They might stick to one brand of car or model and make it the main focus.

For example Arbonne, (cosmetics and skin care) has the White Mercedes Program. But other companies like Mary Kay keeps an eye on the marketplace and the needs of its consultants and occasionally adjust that model and offering a wider selection.

MOBE has taken a similar direction by transitioning from its MOBE Merc program which offered its partners any choice of the Mercedes brand to a more open program called MOBE Motors that allows partners to choose any car they want.

In addition, partners are not required to place or display the MOBE logo on the car, which is the requirement of some companies.

Measuring the value of car programs can be tricky. After all, how would you measure pride, confidence or feeling successful? But ask anyone who received a free car from MOBE and you will know for sure that it makes a difference!