Jill Veverka is a great success story of how retirees can start an online business in their spare time. Her story is an inspiration for many.

As the cost of living continues to go up, salaries and wages are not catching up.

To make matters worse, many baby boomers are forced into early retirement before they have saved enough for their retirement nest egg. They still have housing, medical, food, transportation and entertainment expenses to deal with.

Are you or anyone you know facing that situation?

According to statistics, retirees between the ages of 55 to 64 years on average have enough money to last them two years into their retirement. What are they supposed to do if they have no other income?

After retiring, Jill Veverka discovered that her nest egg couldn’t support the lifestyle she desired. She wanted to play, relax and enjoy her retirement. That’s when she looked for ways to make money online.

Having grown up in a small town of Gualala in the Pacific Northwest, her life was full of people and adventure. All her life, she had spent time associating with people and dealing with people. She worked as receptionist, coordinator and office manager at a medical clinic. Her last job was as an English teacher; a job she was passionate about.

After 28 years of service, Jill was offered an early retirement package. To her surprise, she realized that this package wasn’t enough to support the lifestyle she anticipated. That’s when she began to look for ways to to supplement her retirement funds.

Jill’s had a breaktrhough when she came across My 7 Figure Nest Egg system.  She discovered that it was possible for her to defy the odds and create more income to fund her nest egg…. Even up to $1 million and beyond. Now she is feeling more optimistic about the future as her online business is generating more and more income.

In fact, to date, Jill Veverka has made over $307,095.22 with her online business using MY 7 Figure Nest Egg.

How many retirees do you know who have been able to make $307,095.22 while working from anywhere?

On top of her income, Jill has also qualified for a bonus program that allows her to drive the car of her dreams, while the company she represents makes the monthly payments.

In this video she explains how this works.


What is ‘My 7 Figure Nest Egg’?

My 7 Figure Nest Egg is a training and business system that allows you to earn an extra stream of income while working from anywhere you want. It is built to suit people of all ages; even those who have no technical experience and especially retirees.

With My 7-Figure Nest Egg, you have the ability to earn while you learn.

The company behind My 7 Figure Nest Egg provides a well-structured training program to enable you to run your own affiliate marketing online business. The good news is, once you decide to go for it, you will have access to a business and online traffic coach who will provide you with personalized help. Plus you will have access to a large network and community that you can connect with. You will never have to walk or work alone.

What Does That Mean To You?

Once you join MY 7 Figure Nest Egg, you will have access to tons of training and support needed to operate your online business. Your focus will be to reach out to other people who are interested in making extra income using the Internet. These people are called leads.

With your training, you will learn how to reach millions of people online instead of selling to your friends and family.

Promoting offers online is called “Online Marketing.” Online Marketing is a skill you need to master no matter what business you choose to operate.

With My 7 Figure Nest Egg, you will get to earn while you learn, because your training will teach you more about Online Marketing.

With your training, you will get access to a private coach. Your coach will assist you every step of your way into building a successful online business. If you are worried about convincing people to buy a product, relax, it is all done for you. There are plenty of sales support staff in place to speak to your leads and convert them to clients. Your job is to find leads, not to sell them.

Here is the cream of the whole process; for every conversion that the sales team makes from your leads, you will earn a commission! Your commissions start at $3.50 all the way up to $10,000 per sale!

What’s more, you won’t need to struggle with the back-office setup; it is also done for you. That includes product creation, product fulfillment, payment processing, customer services and phone sales.  It means you can work from anywhere you please as long as you have a laptop and Internet. All you have to do is find leads online using online marketing techniques you will learn about in your training.

Roll Up Your Sleeves + Work Hard = Lots of Fun

Now you might be wondering, how can you make My 7 Figure Nest Egg system work for you like it did for Jill?

Like Jill, you may have noticed that your current income isn’t sufficient for your desired lifestyle now or in your retirement. Your desire to travel, spend time with your family and friends seems hard to achieve.

Don’t let your retirement package dictate your lifestyle. Because with the internet, you have many options to make an income online.

If you are not retired yet, why wait. Start building your nest egg now with a secondary stream of income. Having multiple streams of income will give you a more security and allow you to save more for your retirement years.

Start your online income journey now. The sooner you start, the faster you will get results.