Is an online business really a business?

Yesterday I had a chat with someone interested in using an online business system I promote to expand his business offerings but he was concerned as he heard about a guy who bought one of the programs from this company and spent $1500 on advertising but still had not made any sales.


That is like saying someone opened a retail store and placed one ad in the newspaper that cost $1500 but he got no sales so far so this business must not work.

I also hear comments like:

  • Why should I pay for hosting, can’t I just get the free WordPress site?
  • Why should I pay for an email with my domain, can’t I just use Gmail or Hotmail?
  • Why should I pay for advertising?
  • Etc. etc.

You get the point…

There is this misconception that an online business is not really a business. After all there are so many stories of people who just started a blog or a Facebook page and have made a lot of sales and they never paid for advertising.

True there are a few case studies that fall in that category, but these are really rare cases. They either have an incredible product that no one else has or they entered the market early when having a blog or website really made a difference, and posting on Facebook and twitter was still something fresh and unique.

Times have changed

There are thousands of blogs started each day and if you are on Facebook then you know that you can hardly see what your friends are up to these days never mind what the pages you liked are posting. Facebook will only show you a few select posts.


Because so many people are posting everyday, if Facebook was to show you everything it will slow the system down.

Yet you might have noticed that many of the postings you see are paid advertising! If you want to guarantee that you will show up in the news feed then you have to pay for it.

With so many people competing for attention, the price of advertising is going up.

If you see some videos and postings on how some are making millions of dollars online, then you can be sure that they are spending a significant percentage of their earnings on marketing efforts to generate new leads and acquire new customers.

Just because the business is online does not mean that the rules of business don’t apply. An online business is much cheaper than a traditional brick and mortar business, but you will still have setup, operations, outsourcing and advertising costs to deal with each month.

That is why the majority of those who start an online business fail. They don’t take into consideration that there are business expenses and that the chances of making a sale in the first few months are low as they are new to the market and don’t have credibility yet.

That becomes even harder when they start with low-ticket products and affiliate marketing systems. The profits from low-ticket items can hardly cover all the expenses. Before they know it they are out of business.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

That is why I recommend MOBE (My Online Business Education). It is one of the few companies that operate on the HTAM model, which stands for High Ticket Affiliate marketing.

They allow affiliates to get commissions on front end as well as back end sales and offer commissions of $2.44 all they way to $13,500 per sale. This allows the business to stay cash flow positive and expand, especially if a business has multiple sources of income … something I highly recommend.

Never be the “Avon lady” and represent one product only. You are a business and your job is to offer and match your clients with multiple solutions not just one.

How To Get Started

If you have a job right now, don’t leave just yet. Keep it and build a side business, as you will need several months before you can start getting results.

If you are currently unemployed and looking to start a business, by far one of the fastest ways to get started is to tap into existing systems like a franchise, partnership or dealership model. Once you know what you are doing you can expand to other business models.

To learn more about MOBE and High Ticket affiliate marketing model, I highly recommend you get Matt’s new book Limitless as he explains it all there. The book is free, you just have to pay shipping and handling.

If you have any questions, or need help starting your online business, click on the contact button and send me a note.

To your success!