As a marketer, you have to constantly stay up-to-date on social media trends. As cumbersome and time-consuming as it may be, social media is an aspect of business that needs attention if you want your content to be visible.

The landscape of social media is constantly changing. New platforms pop up almost every day and the algorithms of existing platforms usually change just as you have gotten the hang of the first platform.

What are the most important social media trends to look out for in 2017?

1. Live video content

Last year, Facebook and Twitter launched their live video content services and about half of all marketers indicated that live video would be a major part of their social media plan in 2017.

In order to make live video work for you, consider which social media platform your customers use more frequently. The platform where you get the most engagement is where you will have the most success with live video.

When you plan a live stream, make sure that you are streaming content that your audience will care about. Some good examples are big announcements or new initiatives, question and answer sessions with your customers or guest speakers or product demonstrations.

As video content becomes increasingly easy to create, your customers will expect top-notch content and quality and you have to deliver that with your live streams as well.

2. Messaging apps as customer service tools

If you haven’t noticed already, many of your customers reach out to you on social media before they call or email you. Social media and the messaging services attached to social media platforms hav quickly become an invaluable customer service tool.

People prefer when they can chat with a customer service representative one-on-one and don’t have to wait on hold or be bounced around from representative to representative.

Meet your customers where they are and consider investing in a social media management tool that makes customer service easy. Once you start making this change, your customers will become happier and more responsive to your customer service efforts.

3. Mobile advertising will become significantly more competitive and more expensive

Marketing on mobile devices shot up in the last few years. Once people started browsing the web and social media with their phones instead of their laptops or desktops, mobile ads started to become more and more important.

If you were one of the few brands that were early adopters of mobile advertising, good for you! But sadly, there’s some bad news for you in 2017. Mobile advertising is going to get increasingly more competitive as more and more brands start to move from desktop ads to mobile ads.

The mobile ad marketplace is going to get crowded fast and that is going to make it really competitive and much more expensive. You should be prepared to up the quality of your content and add more money to your mobile ad budget.

While Facebook and Twitter are still going to command a lot of the mobile ad space, Instagram and Snapchat are going to start to become more and more important. People are responding to ads on Instagram faster and better than was anticipated, so Instagram optimized ads are going to be important.

The bottom line with mobile advertising is, you need to take a hard look at your mobile ad spend and the mobile optimization of your website if you want to stay in the game. If you don’t have a mobile-optimized site, get on it ASAP as it could take you down this year.

In short, social media is becoming costly both on your time and wallet.

Adjust your business plan so you can afford the new social media trends

To survive in this new market you need to adjust your business plan and increase your social media budget, which means you either have to increase your sales or increase your customer value.

You need to figure out how much is each customer worth to you and increase that amount by offering your customers more options that generate high profit margins.

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