What happens in Vegas rarely stays in Vegas!

corey-rudlLast time I was in Las Vegas was in September of 2004 right after attending a very memorable 3 day seminar hosted by the late Corey Rudl, one of the first internet marketing gurus when it comes to home based online businesses.

The event took place on September 24-26, 2004 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Orange County, California. As a marketing genius, Corey marketed the event as his wedding as well. If I recall correctly, on Friday or Saturday night right after the seminar there was a party and Corey and his beautiful wife Tracy were there and they shared their wedding cake with all the attendees.

If you were at that event, send me a note. I would love to see how your journey shaped up and what you are doing now.

Interestingly enough, Frank Kern, one of the top interment-marketing gurus right now learned about this niche from Corey when he purchased one of his training courses in 1999.

I found Corey and his training programs while I was searching for courses on Internet marketing at my corporate job at the time. It never occurred to me before that I could have my own online business selling products online and using affiliate marketing to supplement my income. Corey was the one that opened my eyes to that option.

But then a tragedy took place in June of 2005.

Corey Rudl died in a car accident.

I remember receiving an email from the company with the sad news and felt as if the idea of having my own product based online business died with him.

Long story short, I continued with my corporate career at the time and left the idea of having my own online business on the back burner. (You can read the full story in my new book Pajama Paydays).

Bad decision!

In January of 2015, I was attending a $15,000 marketing mastermind in Curacao, an island of the coast of Venezuela and got to chat with Darren Salkeld, one of the top performing partners with MOBE (My Online Business Education), a company that I also represent.

Curacao 2015

with Darren Salkeld, Shaqir Hussyin, Carolina Millan & Matt Lloyd at the Platinum Mastermind in Curacao 2015

In just over 2 years, he, along with his team generated over $5,576,537 in commission with MOBE alone using the Wifi Millionaire Systems from MOBE. That does not include any other income they make with their other products and businesses.

I couldn’t help but wonder, what my business would be doing now if I only started in 2004 and did not wait till 2013 to take action.

That is exactly what happens to many in this industry. They buy courses and attend seminars but don’t implement. When you look at it closely, almost every training product on the market, seminars and conferences offer a lot of value, but it is up to the student and/or attendees to go home and implement what they learned.

And that is were most people fail.

It’s like joining a gym or buying a treadmill but never exercising and then wondering why you are not losing weight.

Crazy! Right?

But we all do this.

Almost 11 years later and I am getting ready to go to Las Vegas again and this time to attend the Super Charge Summit hosted by MOBE.

Bahamas 2014

With Kevin Harrington & Matt Lloyd at the Titanium Mastermind in the Bahamas

The lineup of speakers is very impressive:

Kevin Harrington: The original shark from the TV show Shark Tank. I have already seen Kevin speak at two events and he always brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective to any business owner. Plus if you ever wanted to pitch your business idea to the sharks, you just might get a chance. At one of the Masterminds I attended in the Bahamas, he actually invested $100,000 in one of the business ideas he learned about there.

TJ Rohleder: who has generated over $150 million in sales through direct mail businesses and is now migrating to the online business world. He has authored a large selection of books on business and marketing and you won’t want to miss any of his sessions.

Matt Lloyd: CEO and Founder of MOBE. A 28 year old who has taken an online business from zero to over $70 Million in sales and has paid out over $30 Million in commissions to MOBE affiliates so far. If you ever dreamed of having your own online business, then you need to start with MOBE. This is a business that specializes in business training. So you will have the opportunity to learn as you build your business, plus have access to online and live training events, personal one on one coach and a large team of phone sales team that does the sales and follow-ups for you. All you have to do is learn how to generate traffic.

Darren Salkeld: One of the top performing partners with MOBE who has been in the online business niche for over 10 years. He has a wealth of information and will be sharing a lot of his tips and tricks and how he generated over $5 million with MOBE.

With John Chow in Vancouver 2012

With John Chow in Vancouver 2013

John Chow: World famous blogger who has been in the industry right from the start. He will be sharing a lot of his blogging and online business strategies that have kept him strong over the years and how he lives the dot com lifestyle. John was one of the first partners to cross the $1 Million commissions with MOBE.

Needless to say, this is not your typical Marketing, Business or Social media seminar. This is an action packed 3-day event where you will truly Super Charge your business. You will be able to implement many of the strategies on location.

If you can make it to Vegas in time (August 14-16, 2015), don’t miss it.

Otherwise check out my Facebook page where I will be posting daily photos and updates from the event.

You can learn more about MOBE and the MOBE marketing system by attending one of the free 2 hour live workshops that are hosted on a regular basis. Visit www.imfworkshop.com to see the latest schedule.

You can also get started right now by taking the MOBE 21 step online business system. This is a 21 module online training program that comes with a live one on one coach that will walk you through the steps and guide you along the way. The program is only $49 so it is steal for the value you are getting.

Look forward to see you in Vegas or at one of the other live events and masterminds!

Remember, the only way to see progress and results is to take action! Few years from now you will look back and say, I am so glad I took immediate action.

To your success!