How to increase your income…

“Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you’re an asshole” were the words on one of the funniest and most memorable bumper stickers I have ever seen.

Memorization was never one of my best skills but a funny quote that delivers such a big punch and tells a much bigger story was easy to remember.

Another quote that has left its unforgettable mark on my memory is from none other than T. Harv Eker’s book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind:

“You will be paid in direct proportion to the value you create in the marketplace”

If you ever wonder why your income is not increasing to the level you like, then take some time to examine what value you are delivering in the marketplace.

There are many factors to consider but in general, the world dictates how much money you make, according to three main factors:

  1. Competition: The number of people who are capable of performing any particular job
  2. Education: The amount of specialized skills or education needed to perform the job
  3. Leverage: Number of people that are impacted or benefit from your work

When you consider the above, it becomes easy to see why retail and fast food chain employees make so little money

  1. There are endless supply of workers who can fill those positions
  2. No specialized skills or education is required…even teenagers can do them
  3. They only impact a small amount of people at any given time, which means they cannot be leveraged

If you want to increase your income this year then you will need to address the points listed above.

  • What can you provide that few others can?
  • Are you a jack-of-all-trades or do you have one highly sought after skill that few can deliver as well as you do?
  • Are you still working one on one with clients or do you have a channel to increase your impact and expand your reach?

No matter where you are right now, looking for a job, currently employed, self-employed or have a business that provides an income for yourself and other employees… the above rules will still apply.

By delivering top quality value, the word eventually gets out and you will become highly sought after simply by word of mouth referrals.

But how do you get to that point faster before the referrals start taking effect?

Become a storyteller.

What story do you tell right now?

Are you one of those people that likes to point out problems and tell others why things won’t work or are you the one that seeks to find and deliver solutions?

That’s where marketing comes in.

Marketing is the ability to deliver your story of what value you provide and how you can solve a particular problem.

Communicating that story clearly to the marketplace can make you stand out from the crowd and be the difference of barely getting by or making a substantial income.

What is your story?

What problem are you solving?

How to Increase Your Income with High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Limitless-by-matt-lloyd-bookFor example Limitless is a new book by Matt Lloyd CEO and founder of MOBE (My Online Business Education). The book is a fascinating story of how Matt Lloyd went from a small town farm boy in western Australia to the CEO of a thriving online business with over $100 Million in sales and over 195 staff… all accomplished in less than 7 years.

It’s a story of solutions… solutions of how to make and increase your income online in the new economy… a problem a large segment of the population is facing, like:

  • University graduates working minimum pay jobs;
  • Baby boomers who have been taken out of the job market before they’ve had a full chance to build their retirement nest;
  • Unemployed citizens who don’t qualify for unemployment benefits any more;
  • Stay at home moms who need to make an income while they stay home and take care of their family;
  • Making an income from anywhere, even if you can’t afford to move;
  • And the list goes on…

In his new book Limitless, Matt has clearly outlined a solution of making an income online using High Ticket Affiliate Marketing (HTAM), a solution that was once only reserved for offline businesses.

Through his creative problem solving insights, Matt was able to find a solution not only for himself but over 12,000 affiliates by preaching and practicing the art and science of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

Order and read Matt’s new book limitless and find out if High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is the right fit for you. If not, then use the book as an inspiration to find alternate solutions that you can deliver to the marketplace.

Which brings us back to the quote:

“You will be paid in direct proportion to the value you create in the marketplace”

What value are you providing?