In a study at Ontario’s quality of life and well-being released in 2014 revealed what many Greater Toronto Area residents probably already know, that those living in and around Toronto have the longest commute times in the province.

The Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) indicates GTA residents average about an hour getting to and from work each day.

Those living in Toronto commute 65.6 minutes, those in Oshawa 63.6 minutes, and Barrie residents commute 59.2 minutes.”

When you factor in that we only have 24 hours a day that is a large chunk of wasted time and wasted life that could be used elsewhere.

Extended commenting times “increases stress among commuters, reduces time available for other valued activities, and reduces business productivity.”

However, employees who report more flexible work hours often find a stronger link between “work-life balance and greater satisfaction with life as a whole.”

“Having access to flexible work hours may allow commuters to avoid the rush hour when traffic is congested and commute time increases.”

Finding an employer that is willing to be flexible on work hours will be hard. Most employers want to keep an eye on their employees and ensure that they all show up on time and deliver.

Jobs that are easily performed by telecommuting are hard to come by and can easily be outsourced to low cost of living countries like India and the Philippines where highly skilled talent are willing to perform the same jobs at a fraction of the cost… sometimes as low as $3-$5 an hour.

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and hoping for a telecommuting job that pays well, you might need to look for alternate solutions.

Why be a job hunter when you can be a job creator!

Design-Your-Income-Online-400Explore new options of creating an income online.

I always recommend to my students and clients that they have multiple sources of income. When one area is not performing well you will always have others to rely on. Focus on the following:

  1. Selling Your Services: Either as a consultant, contractor or coach
  2. Selling Products: Either physical or digital products
  3. Affiliate Marketing: Getting commissions by recommending other people’s products and services
  4. Licensing: Promoting other peoples products and services as if they were your own

You will find a lot of details and good nuggets in my eBook “Design Your Income Online” where I dive into each area more deeply.

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To your success!

* Survey Numbers Source: Global News