Want to hire Michelle Obama as a Human Billboard? Yes you can!

But please don’t…

If you are self-employed, small business owner either managing a small team or simply operating a home based online business, you are most likely overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do. Sometimes you wonder if this is all worth it or if you should quit and go try to find a “regular job”.

If you survey some of the top performers online, you will find that the majority hire an assistant, a virtual assistant or simply outsource various tasks of the work, like branding, advertising, graphic design, web design, copy-writing, customer support and more to sites like, odesk.com, elance.com and now fiverr.com.

I personally use all three and have two long term contractors on odesk.com that help me with my business. I also use fiverr.com occasionally to get some videos transcribed, voice over, WordPress support to name a few.

Apart from advertising, outsourcing is money well spent!

If you need long-term staff, then focus on elance.com and odesk.com, but if you are looking for quick help with a small project then fiverr.com is the way to go.

On fiverr.com you will find all sorts of useful services referred to as “gigs”.

If you need a good laugh, take a look and you will see some really comical gigs… people willing to do anything for $5. But I never expected to see Michelle Obama offering services on fiverr.com as a Human Billboard.

Below is a screen shot of the gig as I doubt it will be up for long. The vendor even went out of their way to watermark the image with their account name so no one else steals their idea and the image.

How To Hire Michelle Obama for $5

Unless you want to get into legal trouble, I highly recommend you DO NOT purchase this gig or use the image of any celebrity or public figure in your advertising.

To be more specific, never use images for advertising without a release from the model.

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