First of, I have to confess, I really don’t spend that much time on Google+ and that needs to change! Google and YouTube are after all my preferred way of searching online, it would only make sense to add Google+… but most of my friends are not there yet. I am more likely to find them on Facebook and twitter.

If you are like me, just starting your journey on Google+, then this valuable data from CircleCount, one of the big three Google Plus Tools suppliers, will give you an advantage on how to get started the right way.

Providing value is the best formula, and from the stats, it seems the majority of people are more likely interact and like posts that are image based and contain more 100 characters.

I do notice the same trend in Facebook. When I share videos, I get a lot of likes but mostly on the image placeholder and text comments, not necessarily the actual video itself. Very few watch the video….which is strange, but also understandable. With so much information overload, the winning posts are condensed ideas and stories delivered in an image format with around 100 characters of text.

How To Get More +1s, Comments and Reshares On Google+

The key takeaways are:

1. Link dropping (i.e. sharing links with less than 100 characters) is a definite pitfall with low engagement across all metrics for success.

2. Photo posts (including GIFs) and adding more than 100 characters is the winning formula for interaction. As photos with more than 100 characters get 182% more comments, 153% more +1s, and 92% more reshares than posts with less than 100 characters.

3. Text only posts (above or below 100 characters) are worthwhile for both +1s and comments, but not reshares.

4. (My findings) Always add a catchy image placeholder to your video and article links and treat them like an image post. Not everyone will follow the link, but many will appreciate your ability to spread valuable content and ideas in a few seconds.

Please comment below and share your tips on getting more interactions.