Bonuses: Design Your Income Online

Thank you for reading my book Design Your Income Online, What Every Designer & Programer Ought to Know About Making A Profitable Income Online.

I hope you enjoyed the book and now understand all your options for making an income online:

  1. Selling your services: either as an employee or contractor
  2. Selling products: either physical or digital products
  3. Affiliate Marketing: How to promote other people’s products and services and make a commission online
  4. Licensing: How to promote and sell other people’s products and services as if they were your own

Ideally you would want to be tapping into all four areas as soon as possible so you can build multiple streams of income. When one area is not delivering well, you will have other sources of income to keep you afloat.

As you tap into all sources of income, your goal is to reduce the amount of hours you spend on services and focus more on the options that can be leveraged and skyrocket your income.

We also talked about why Licensing is one of the fastest ways you can skyrocket your income with minimal risk.

One of the hardest learning curves for most new online business owners is learning the technical aspects which you as a designer and programer already know. So you have a massive advantage of using your knowledge to skyrocket your income. If you only focus on selling your services (i.e. time) you will be facing a losing battle of decreased rates. You will find that you are working longer hours and getting paid less.

MTTB System | My Top Tier BusinessThe sooner you start, the sooner you will see results.

I want to hear your success story, and that is why I am offering you all the bonuses below that will help you take action and implement the knowledge you already have. You have the skills, you just need to apply them in the areas that generate the most income, selling products, affiliate marketing and licensing.

For the first 50 people to purchase the MTTB training program (Price $49) from the links on this page, you will receive the following bonuses:


bonus-1BONUS #1: Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind By T. Harv Eker

This was the book that changed my entire thinking when it comes to money and making money. It has been responsible for skyrocketing my income and I want you to have your own copy.

BONUS #2: The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

Another one of my favorite books that taught me how to use outsourcing to my own benefit. As designers and programers we sometimes like to do things ourselves but that is not the most efficient use of our time. We need to focus on the money making activities and outsource the rest. This book will teach you how.

BONUS #3: Two Free Tickets To The Home Business Summit ($497)

Get two free tickets to the Home Business Summit where you will learn more about affiliate marketing, product creation but most of all how to use licensing to your advantage. This offer is limited to the first 15 people only. The Home Business Summit is a touring event, you can wait until the event comes to your city or travel to the nearest location to you.

 How To Claim Your Bonuses

Once you purchase the MTTB Training program, email me a copy of your receipt so we can arrange for the bonus delivery.

Do you want results? Then you need to take action!

Look forward to celebrate your success story in the near future!