Seeing other people make money online, Chad Arrington wondered,
“Why not me?”

As the first born, Chad Arrington knew that it was his responsibility to provide for his family. He had no place for mediocrity in his life, something his single mother taught him. He had to be the best and nothing less.

But how was he to provide for his family while he was broke and living with his mother? A YouTube video by John Chow, a celebrated blogger and entrepreneur, had the answer. It led him to an online business opportunity that changed his outcome. Here’s what Chad had to say…

Chad Arrington Says No, To Street Life

To Chad, the Internet was a place where he got inspiration from people who had made it in life. He watched videos of artists who ventured into entrepreneurship on YouTube. His desire for music still lingered at the back of his mind but he had no way of bringing it to life. What other option did he have?

In his neighborhood, many young people turned to the streets to keep themselves busy. They lacked activities to do during their free time, got distracted and ended up in trouble. Chad Arrington didn’t want this to happen to him. He was a competitive athlete and a champion at his sport, basketball.

He knew that he had to spend his extra time and energy in a positive way to stay out of trouble. The Internet was the place and MOBE (My Own Business Education) became one of his focus points.

…Yes To Providing For His Family And Friends

By having a clear action plan, chad began making money online, enabling him to fulfill his obligation as a father and a first born. He was able to provide a beautiful home for his family and a well-equipped playing space for his son.

Chad Arrington’s love for family goes beyond himself. With the money he made from his online business, he came up with a self-built masterpiece studio. A place where he would provide other artists with facilities needed to record their own music. It also became the home of his own music company, Focus Music Entertainment.

What’s more, he recruited his cousin, Brandon ‘Troyse’ Williams to run the company with him. Now the studio is home to more artists who wouldn’t have been able to make money from their talent without Chad’s help. Chad has a big vision to release many more songs and albums.

More Time, Money And Freedom To Get What You Want

Driven by action, Chad’s performance in his online business has given him more than he could ever imagine. Besides time, money and freedom, he is a proud owner of ‘Shifu’ his black and white BMW MX6. He got the BMW as part of MOBE’s incentive program called MOBE motors.

Chad made his first 5-figure income in only 90 days using the MOBE System. He believes that any committed person can do the same or even better. To that he says, “It is amazing what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself.” 

“By taking action and staying positive, your own dream can come true.” He adds.

Besides meeting the needs of his family and his ‘Shifu’ BMW, Chad has one more thing that you might want to know about. His online business education allowed him to setup an online store called Unlimited Collections.

Chad sharpened his entrepreneurial skills strengthening his music business and the online store.

There are many online business courses and opportunities you can pursue. Choose the one’s the will get you close to your business goals.