Online Business Tips: Don’t wait till you know everything. Take action, learn and improve along the way.

In this video, Matt Lloyd talks about the willingness to accept imperfections, something I need to address as I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. Sometimes I get stuck trying to perfect the sales letter, the landing page and the email sequence and delay the whole process.


To get results, we need to take immediate action!

“In order to get fast results in this industry, you’ve got to let go of everything being perfect…you’ve got to get OK with figuring things out as you go…. In all the years I’ve been doing internet marketing, I find most people fail as entrepreneurs, because they’re afraid to execute on their ideas without first knowing all the answers” says Matt Lloyd.

That is something I struggled with in the beginning and now see many of my students and clients do. They spend too much time on learning rather than doing or trying to recreate the wheel rather than taking advantage of existing systems.

Tapping into existing systems and taking daily actions will ensure faster results!

To your success!