Starting a business, even an online business is not for everyone.

While many people may have the vision and initial passion to start their own business, very few make it a reality.

Just like other aspects in life, it is usually because they failed to follow through.

As we get older, with baby boomers in the spot light these days, making that dream a reality gets a little bit more tricky. We start to doubt our abilities and think we are now too old to do this.

Is that how you feel?

Maybe you are worried you have missed the boat or maybe you want to suggest an online business solution to one of your parents or relatives that has reached retirement age and they don’t have enough money to support themselves in their old age.

The answer is really simple. No.

There are many middle aged and senior citizens who have shown us that no matter what age you are, you can still follow your dreams.

Vera Wang, a very notable fashion designer famous around the world for her stunning wedding dresses started her fashion career at the age of 40.

Dave Duffield, was 46 when he founded PeopleSoft, an international CRM software company which was acquired in 2003 by Oracle for $10.3 billion!

Wally Blume, founder of Denali Flavors and the creator of Moose Tracks, a chocolate and peanut butter concoction that rakes in about $80 million every year through licensing agreements with multiple manufacturers started his company at the age of 70.

Seventy-seven years after taking her first college course in 1930, Nola Ochs became the oldest college graduate in history, earning a degree from Fort Hays State University in Kansas at the age of 96.

What about an online business?

Here are a few success stories to show you that age is never a factor.

Deborah Robertson

The first one is of a retired schoolteacher who realized that in order to spend more quality time with her grandchildren and maintain her standard of living, she needed to supplement her retirement income. After searching online for a while she stumbled across MOBE and took immediate action.

Check out her story here.


Steven Grant

Then check out this other story of Steven Grant who lost a big chunk of his retirement money during the financial crisis in 2008. That’s when he realized that an online business was a great option to recoup some of his losses and get back on track.


Frank Torchia

Last but not least, please meet Frank Torchia, who in his 80s has decided to come out of retirement for the third time, and this time build an online business that allows him to help many, (younger than him) no matter where they live in the world.


I hope these success stories are showing you what is possible at any age!

If you know anyone that is older and feeling helpless, or feeling like they missed the boat, please share these videos with them.

If you know of other similar success stories, please share in the comments below.

To your success!