Happy August!

August is a big vacation month for most countries in the norther hemisphere where many businesses see a big drop in their profits… but not online.

When you have an online business, the business is running 24/7 all year round specially if you have setup your business to included all profitable areas:

  1. Selling Your Services: Offering your services online or remotely
  2. Selling Products: Selling your own unique products
  3. Affiliate Marketing: Promoting other people’s products & services for a commission
  4. Licensing: Promoting and selling other people’s products and services as if they were your own

If you are tapping into all four areas, then your business will be more stable and have a consistent flow of income. But most people have not figured that formula out and still are trying to make an income selling cheap products with hit and miss strategies rather than set systems.

You need to learn your options first and then implement.

Here are the upcoming online business events for the month of August, 2015. Do whatever it takes to attend live events where you will meet and learn from others who are delivering results. If you have any questions just call me! +1-604-351-0212

IM Freedom Workshop

Free 2 hour internet marketing workshop

August 4: Bellevue, WA
August 5: Redmond, WA
August 6: Seattle, WA
August 10: Pleasanton, California
August 11: San Jose, California
August 12: Concord, California
August 13, San Francisco Airport, California

The Home Business Summit

3 Day Online Business Fundamentals
August 7-9: Bayview on the Park, Australia

Super Charge Summit

Take Your Business To The Next Level

August 14 – 16: Las Vegas Nevada
August 21-23: London, UK

Remember, the only way to see results is to take action. Surrounding yourself with people who are taking action will motivate you do something! After all we are the average of the 5 people we spend

To your success!